The contents determine essential oil type and the user only gets to select the oil they need based on what they need at a time. Below is a list of various type of essential oil, their content composition, and their usage:


  • Basil Oil


To most people, basil oil is known as renewal oil. Basil oil can efficiently manage and diffuse fear, anxiety, and nervousness. Anyone suffering from nervousness disorder can apply this oil in their room.



  • Lemon oil


Lemon oil has a multipurpose function. It is highly effective in handling mental fatigue, nervous tension, exhaustion, and anxiety. People with ADHD need lemon oil because it improves alertness, refreshes the mind, and increases concentration accuracy. The application is pretty simple. All you need is to add lemon essential in the room as an air freshener. 



  • Rosemary oil


Rosemary Essential Oil comes in handy and highly effective in treating ADHD. It improves alertness and enhances overall memory capacity. It can also be mixed with lemon and lavender oil for memory-booster. Users can inhale the oil directly for effectiveness.



  • Vetiver oil


Research has proven the efficacy of vetiver oil in treating ADHD. This oil is rich in fragrance and also an additive scented soap and body perfume. Vetiver oil reduces neurotic behavior and reduces anxiousness, a significant feature noticeable in people with ADHD. It can be applied by pouring five drops in a teaspoon of carrier oil like jojoba, after which it can be applied to the base of the neck.



  • Roman chamomile oil


Roman chamomile essential oil contents can calm the nerve and increase concentration level, which is highly needed for people with ADHD. It can also be used in treating insomnia. Add 4-5 drops into a beverage drink or hot water and apply directly to the body. 



  • Cypress oil 


Cypress oil components include alpha-pinene and limonene, which makes them an active agent against bacteria. To manage ADHD, cypress oil induces a feeling of calmness due to its sedative effect on the body. It also comes in handy in managing difficulty in concentration, emotional stress, anxiousness, and insomnia. To apply cypress oil, you can massage on the body or inhale directly from the container pack.



  • Clary sage oil


Clary sage oil has sedative elements. It reduces anxiety, nervousness, nervous convulsions, and hysteria, thus aiding mind alertness needed by people with ADHD. To apply clary sage oil, use it to a pulse area, add a few drops beneath your pillow at night, or rub directly on the skin.



  • Ylang-ylang oil


The Ylang-ylang tree extract serves as the primary source of this essential oil. Effective in strengthening the nervous system and restoring damaged parts of the nerve. Ylang-ylang oil has sedative components and aid concentration. The best application of Ylang ylang oil is to apply or use it as a room diffuser.



  • Peppermint oil


Peppermint oil is highly effective in promoting energy levels, increasing concentration, and reducing restlessness and mental fatigue needed by people with ADD or ADHD. For use, it can be inhaled directly from the bottle or apply directly to the skin.



  • Frankincense oil


Frankincense oil is a household for religious people. The oil reduces anxiety, depression and lowers blood pressure without any side effects. To apply frankincense oil, massage on the body, or use it with warm bathing water.



  • Myrrh Oil 


Myrrh is popularly associated with perfumes and fragrances. It is effective in balancing critical hormones in the body and improves calmness and concentration level. The combination of myrrh and lavender works better as a diffuser. It can also be mixed with jojoba as massaging oil.



  •  Lavender oil


Lavender oil serves different purposes, eliminates nervous tension, treats respiratory issues, and aids blood circulation in the body. Lavender oil is a calm scent that calms the nerves and eradicates anxiety. To apply lavender oil, add a few drops to your pillow before night sleep. 


Managing ADHD with essential oils is not as complicated as it sounds. With these twelve essential oils, you can get started on reducing the symptoms of this medical condition.