Most people go for dental checkups at least once a year for various reasons, the most common being toothache. Some other people visit their dentist more frequently for dental checkups and care. Indeed, it is essential to take care of your teeth if you want to improve your self-confidence and smile. But then, have you ever heard of a tooth emergency where there is an urgent need for dentist attention? This can happen anytime, just like other emergency cases that lead people to the emergency unit.

Due to dental emergencies, various dental emergency clinics with emergency dentists have been put in different places to meet this need. They are different from the regular dentist clinics we go to for a dental checkup. Moreover, they are established to attend to mainly dental emergencies. These clinics are open 24hours a day, with emergency dentists also present even during festive periods.

You might be wondering how emergency dentistry is different from routine dentistry. Well, you don’t need to think much about it anymore. This article will teach you the top essential things to know about emergency dentistry and how it differs from regular dentistry. Read on to discover more information.

There are a lot of aspects that point out their differences.

  1. They only attend to emergency dental issues after 11 pm. This means booked appointments for other dental-related matters won’t be fixed for anytime past 11 pm.
  2. They are always open, 24hours a day, even during festive seasons.
  3. Their dental surgery is different from typical dental surgery cause it is created to suit emergency dental issues.
  4. They have prompt services and take off the workload from hospitals when dealing with dental emergencies.

What can you refer to as a dental emergency?

We all get a toothache or feel a sensation in our teeth once in a while, but not all these sensations can be called a dental emergency. Some of these sensations can be due to temperature changes, the food we eat, or even our general health and these might only last for a few minutes.

However, dental conditions severe than acute pain indicate a dental emergency. Such situations could be

Loss of a tooth during an accident.

Breakage of a tooth

Toothache lasting for more than a day and so on.

These are all dental emergencies that need immediate check by a health professional. Such emergencies can occur at any point in time, and having a 24hour dental emergency dentist helps provide the necessary treatment for these emergencies.

Can emergency dentistry fix a broken tooth?

The answer is yes. 24-hour emergency dental clinics have emergency dentists available 24hours a day and can perform surgery on any dental emergency-related issues, including a broken tooth. Due to the advancement in technology, there are ways an emergency dentist can fix a broken tooth or even reattach the natural tooth if it is still alive. And in situations where the tooth dies, implants can be used to avoid a gap between the teeth.


Whenever an emergency occurs, especially when related to your oral health, it is essential to note that you must not take any action on your own and wait for the arrival of a dental health professional to check on you. However, you can take strong pain killers to reduce the pain until you administer treatment.