Moving should be an exciting experience, but for many people, it is a challenge. It allows you to reorganise and reorganise all of your belongings. When you don’t know what to pack or where to start, the process can be tedious. You will also need to take extra precautions when packing some fragile and delicate appliances.

Not all appliances will fit in a box, and in such cases, you must know how to transport such items (such as your refrigerator) with the utmost care. If you lack the necessary skills and time, you can hire professionals to assist you. You don’t want to ruin your freezer by packing it incorrectly! You must ensure that it is handled with care.

How to Transport a Freezer

Most freezers are heavy and bulky due to their construction and components. It makes changing positions extremely difficult. It may be easy to get it to fit in your home after purchase, but it tends to be heavier after use. It is critical that you clean and empty the freezer before relocating.

Because it is nearly impossible to fit the freezer into a box, you must provide some form of cushioning. You can accomplish this by using a blanket or other form of padding. This ensures that it is secure and free of damage.

Always unplug the freezer first

Just as you would if you were packing and moving your laundry items, You can defrost the contents of the freezer by unplugging it from the power source or outlet. You clean immediately after defrosting. It keeps mould from spreading and causing damage to the freezer. It also keeps moisture from causing damage to the units in the freezer while they are being transported.

Another issue that may arise is the position of the freezer while moving. Make certain that your freezer remains upright while moving. However, if it remains sideways throughout the journey, you must keep it upright upon arrival before connecting it. This keeps the freezer’s cooling system from being damaged.

You don’t want to cause any damage to your appliances as a result of careless packing. Let’s go on this fun ride together as we go over the steps you need to know to improve your moving safety.

You should plan how to move your appliances safely from the day you decide to move.

1) Defrost and empty your freezer

The freezer is already heavy; adding its contents will make it even heavier and more difficult to move. As a result, it would be beneficial if you empty the freezer before moving. You must also defrost your freezer. How? Defrosting means removing ice from the refrigerator. This happens as soon as you unplug your freezer from the power supply, and it can take up to 24 hours or more depending on the amount of ice buildup. This adds to the weight of the freezer, so make sure you defrost it before moving.

2) Vacuum and cushion

It is critical to clean up the residual water after defrosting. Cleaning up helps to keep the freezer moisture-free and mold-free. Then, to avoid scratches and damages, wrap in a blanket or any soft padding of your choice.

3) Employ experts

If you don’t know what you’re doing, you could end up damaging your freezer. There are professionals that you should hire who are skilled in this area. They also have the best equipment for moving such items.

Moving days can be so easy and enjoyable if you know how to do it correctly. Moving requires careful planning, which should not be overlooked. Planning ensures that everything is completed in the correct order. To avoid damage caused by packing, you will need to be extra cautious when moving your appliances. This article has discussed how to safely move appliances such as the freezer.

If you’re not confident moving larger items such as freezers on your own, consult the services of an industry experienced furniture moving specialist.