Fairy lights are round the year lights, and their usage cannot be restricted to the Christmas season or wedding occasion. If you like spending time alone or with your family under patios or pergolas, adding solar fairy lights can add a special effect to such gatherings. It also adds special sparkle for evening events, garden parties, and evening drinks during summer.

There is no conventional method of designing fairy lights, and there are different colors available in the market. Once you have decided on your fairy light color choice, you can now advance to choose the suitable style for your garden setup. Fairy lights are available in multiple colors like pastel pink, warm white, cold white, or any various colors of your choice. 

To create a fun style of solar fairy lights for your garden, below is a list of five different solar fairy lights you can choose from when buying your next set of fairy lights.

  • Crystal heart style 

Like every solar fairy light, when you purchase a string of light, you can always create a suitable style for your garden arrangement. The latest design of the crystal heart comes in a 3D format that can encase each light to make a relaxing and magical moment when the light comes up.


  • Star shape style 

It shares similarities with the crystal heart style because you can buy the solar fairy light as clip accessories. The contrast between the two styles is because the star shape has a glassy, smooth and transparent appearance. The best fairy light color for this type of style is white or multicolored LED bulbs. When the solar fairy lights are on, it creates a starlight effect and vibrant atmosphere within the garden or evening parties.


  • Solar party lantern 

This version of solar fairy lights is newly introduced to the market. Its uniqueness is that it can hang easily on decks, rails, and fences. This solar fairy light shares similarities with traditional Chinese paper lanterns and features that can create a flashing disco light effect to add more ambience to parties. Solar party lanterns are available in different colors suitable for any event and your preferred style.



  • Snowflake shaped solar fairy


Snowflake-shaped fairy light accessories are a perfect match for winter. The snowflake plastic can house any string of fairy light. So, for this coming festive period, you can hang your fairy lights around your garden using snowflake casing style to create a winter magic moment all through the winter season.


  • Underwater solar fairy light

The underwater solar fairy right creates a magic effect when applied to a water fountain and pond. Its water-resistant features mean it can position directly underwater to create a sparkling effect. Underwater solar fairy lights are also compatible with above-the-surface accessories like crystal heart, star shaped, solar party lantern, and snowflake to make your garden look more glamorous and attractive.

Final thought

A Solar fairy light is not exclusive for winter, festive season, and wedding events only. The Decorative LED Lights can create a magical and vibrant atmosphere in gardens, evening parties, and around pergolas and patios. Once you have a complete string of fairy lights, you can create a different style that can make your garden look vibrant and also add special effects for your evening events.