By now, most people and businesses know that the importance of an excellent modern website design cannot be overemphasized. After all, your online presence can either make or mar your business. But then, is having just any website enough, or do you need much more than that? 

Of course, investing in a well-designed modern website for start-up businesses is always an effective way to drive your business. However, if you already have a working but outdated site, it may seem discouraging, and you may even doubt the importance of a redesign. Nevertheless, studies have proven that having an excellent modern website is essential to any business in this modern era. 

Most visitors form an impression of your website through its design, content, and usability. And they do this within a few seconds of being on the site. The design is, however, the most crucial driving force.

Usually, websites that follow modern design help brands to be unique and stand out. An impressive site captures visitors’ interest and creates a good impression of your business.

By the way, a moving target is a critical factor that makes a modern website. However, the site should have critical features, including high-quality images, unique topography, engaging animations, whitespace, etc. To enable you to find inspiration for your project, a list of some modern websites has been given in this article to help you get started.

5 Modern Website Designs to Get Inspiration From

Whether you’re an artist, musician, web designer, or furniture maker, seeing a blank canvas can be both exciting and intimidating at the same time. Understandably, when creating a website from scratch, you’ll want to express your original and unique ideas and style in the project; however, that blank canvas can terrify you. Even if you already have a specific look in your head, it’s still essential that you feel suitably inspired. 

Finding the perfect inspiration for your project is critical; however, if you don’t know where to source it, you might end up wasting your time searching the web only to find low-standard examples. Streamline your process and find good modern website inspiration faster with the list provided in this article.

  • Atomus

Usually, most website uses bright colors, expansive designs, and multiple fonts. However, Atomus is an exception from the rest of the pack, having a black background and a clean, bold color palette. 

Atomus, a digital design system for Figma, a UI design software, uses a minimalist design, a common feature of modern design. When first seen, the website looks like a severe tool for designing graphics, with the cursors on the banner moving to tweak several elements. However, as you scroll through it, you’ll discover that the design elements are all animated, thus making the website very interactive.

Also, there is a header banner on the site, and when you drag your cursor over the words below it, it reveals a humorous GIF that aligns with its term. Below that header banner is a rectangle full of playful buttons that jump around, and the buttons can change in color when you click on them. Additionally, when you scroll down further, you’ll be greeted by a virtual editor with several colors and font options.

Atomus perfectly combines minimalism, functionality, and a simple, vibrant color palette. Not only does it show what you can do with just a plain black background, but it also an interactive graphics, compounding with a bit of creativity, making it the best website to get inspiration from.

  • Astrology Club by Spotify

Spotify developed the astrology club to help boost the awareness of its extensive podcast library. 

Before you reach the website home page, you’ll meet a loading animation that loads the page from 0-100% with an immersive visual design imitating the moon’s phases. The wait won’t be long, after which the home page appears with stickers floating and a background that moves according to the cursor.

Astrology is designed with a gentle soundtrack and a background that changes color as you scroll through the site, keeping to a palette of rich orange,  pale purple, and rich dark blue. Also, interactive animations and sound merge, combining two sensory experiences to create a unique and perfect audiovisual experience. 

  • Best Website Gallery

Best Website Gallery, also known as BWG, is a collection of personal picks by a web designer and developer called David Hellman. Usually, David Hellman uses this site as his visual bookmark collection; however, most web visitors can use it as a website design inspiration.

BWG has a library of “Site of the Day “collections, in which every page reviewed shows tags of styles, services, and frameworks used in the said website; this allows web designers to see the elements needed to create such a site.

Also, if you want to see other examples of websites that use the same style, framework, or service, you need to click on the tag to see the results.

That being said, BWG is a perfect site for inspiration for your next project.

  • Mubasic

Mubasic offers a growing library of traditional music for children. The website is a perfect blend of colorful design, audiovisual components, and animations, the three unique features of modern web design. The home page is divided into blocks, having muted colors and one font, thus giving the site a clean appearance.

The first interactive element looks like the key of the piano. The keys have the letters M-U-B-A-S-I-C inscribed and play various sound clips when you click them. The next section of the site displays different snippets of music you can pause and play, sorted by preferred genre and mood. Also, various streaming platform has its icon in place explaining where you can find music that the site features.

The rest of the site has pop-up animations, standard pictures, crisp icons, and an FAQ that tells visitors all they might need. 

  • Behance

Behance was created in 2006; it is designed to display and find creative work while removing the standard bars between talent and opportunity.

Just like Dribble, Behance displays an extensive collection of content. However, it doesn’t just stop at the expected creative fields as other websites do. It includes architecture, editorial design, fashion, interior design, and photography.

When you click on the Search icon, it will redirect you to the Search page, where changing the Creative Field to Web Design will give you featured designs from several web projects.


There you have it, five websites to help you get inspired for your web design project. Of course, it’s inevitable that when you look at just one of these sites, you’ll be inspired with great ideas to get started on your project. And you will most likely get the results you want.