Description | Keith Douglas


There are two types of people living today. The first are those who embark on yacht charter vacations and those who still think about going. But I think you should try this out once in a while. But when you begin, the feeling is so incredible that you wouldn’t want to stop it.

Once you discover the feeling of being in the middle of a paradise, you will crave more of that experience. Although my first experience vacation was totally unplanned, I enjoyed every bit of it. To save you from the same mistake I made as a newbie, and help you enjoy all the fun as much as you can, let me share some first-hand assistance and tips you need.

1) Don’t overpack

Light packing is not my thing. But this time, I surprised myself by picking some items. Amazingly, I still came back with half of my clothes unworn.

When embarking on a private yacht treat, soft cover-ups and bath suits are totally fine. And what differentiates night clothes from day cloth is throwing in some light sweater or long sleeve t-shirt.

You can also travel with soft-sided luggage or duffel bags because they are most suitable for an under-deck cabin lot. But if you have more packing space, you can include more fun items too.

2) Have a solid meal plan in place

Whether you have done shopping before leaving the dock or had other provisioning services from your charter yacht crew, one of the nice things to do for yourself is to have a meal plan. You could even have a game meal plan. You can start by listing the time you decide to eat out and eat on board.

You can also decide to skip an elaborate meal and order various kinds of sandwiches and snack items. By doing this, everyone can eat whatever they want.

3) Leave your phone at home and live the moment

A lot of people, including me, have an addiction to their phones. Although it’s not something to be proud of, phone networks and wifi were a huge concern for me when going on my cruise. I felt like I would be lost without it, but the reverse was the case.

In the end, I didn’t care about using my phone other than snapping pictures and recording videos of beautiful moments. I was too busy capturing moments I could take home with me. Use this moment to disconnect and enjoy every moment of your luxury yacht cruise.

4) Always pack necessary sunscreen

If you are planning to sail the Caribbean without sunscreen, then I’ll advise you to reconsider. Apply it liberally all over your body, or you will experience excessive sunbathing.

You have enough time to tan your skin during your sail, so there’s no point trying to get everything on the first date. Although, I learned my lesson the hard way as I got sunburnt during the first week. The sun is so much that even a dark-skinned person can easily get bronzed.

5) Keep your valuables below deck

When sailing between anchorage, the sea is usually not smooth. But waiting for the water to get bumpy before heading back to your cabin might be too late as your items may already be dancing on the floor.

So, it is best to keep your belongings adequately secured before heading out. Also, don’t leave your cabin hatches open.


One can never forget their first experience sailing, but sailing with a yacht makes the entire process highly memorable. Even though I had several sunburns, this vacation still matches one of my best.