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If you are considering investing in window treatments for your home, there is a wide variety of options, ranging from shades to blinds, to choose from. However, if you are looking to balance out aesthetics and an affordable budget, Plantation shutters are your best bet.

Plantation shutters, being one of the types, are different from the other kinds of shutters in different ways. Also called “Wood Shutters,” they are larger – having larger windows and louvers. They also offer privacy, add to the beauty of a home, and provide insulation.

They can also be customized to suit your needs, taste and be a perfect fit for your windows.

Here are a few key reasons to install Plantation shutters in your home;

1) Longevity

Plantation shutters are made from strong and durable materials, allowing them to maintain their value for a long time. They do not easily fall under wear and tear, do not peel or lose their color quickly under weather extremities. They are the best to go for if you are looking for a window dressing that would last a long time without needing frequent replacements.

2) Aesthetic value

Added to the exterior or interior of rooms in a home, Plantation shutters improve the appearance of a home. They brighten and liven up the atmosphere making it either homely or classy, depending on your taste. They can be designed to complement your home décor and also make a room look quite spacious and airy.

3) Privacy and Light control

Easy to open and close, Plantation shutters help you regulate the amount of sunlight that filters into the room. With this, you can avoid wear and tear on your carpet and other furniture to increase their lifespan.

Since the shutters are thick, they provide privacy from onlookers and, when locked, keep intruders at bay. They also repel outside noise and keep pests away.

4) Comfort

In cold weather conditions, exterior shutters provide insulation, ensuring that warm air cannot escape.

In hot weather, they trap the cool air inside, and the hot air stays outside.

5) Variety

Plantation window shutters are available in different types, allowing homeowners to choose from a wide range of varieties ranging from vinyl to wood. They can also be honed into custom-made shapes, sizes, styles, and colors depending on the type of material you decide to use.

6) Easy to clean

Maintenance and cleaning are easier when it comes to shutters than other dressings, for example, shades and curtains. All it requires is a couple of hand wipers to wipe the dust from the corners, edges, and hinges frequently. A damp cloth dipped in a mild cleaning agent can also be used to wipe away stubborn stains.

It also saves you the trouble of bringing it down and going through vigorous washing, as is the case with curtains and drapes.


There are numerous benefits to Plantation shutters, making them easy to install, maintain and use. The aesthetic value they bring is also not left out.

So, if you’re looking for the best window treatments for your home, office, or any other enclosure, you should definitely try Plantation shutters. To learn more about plantation shutters or purchase them online, consult a DIY plantation shutters specialist today.