You have taken the first major step in tapping into the new global village state of the world. You have created your E-commerce website. The question is, Is creating the website enough?

Every business person who owns an E-commerce website would agree that creating the website alone is not enough. You have to optimize the website to fulfill the goals you have set.

So, how do you improve your E-commerce website?

We have compiled seven practical tips to help you in improving your business e-commerce website design. Read on to discover them.

1) High Image Quality

The quality of images of the products on display tells a lot about the product and your business. While a high-quality image is more likely to lead to sales and send a message of your expertise to your customers, a poor-quality image does the opposite.

2) Easy Purchase Process

When a customer decides to purchase a product from you, you would want to make the process as easy as possible. Some websites have a tedious process when customers want to purchase products. This is a turnoff and dissuades customers from going ahead with the transaction.

3) The Pricing Should be Comprehendible

If you have more than one item for a particular product, they go for different prices, state as explicitly as possible, and what costs what. For example, if you have a black, red, and green color of a particular item and the price of the red goes higher than the other two, it’s best to indicate on display. This will build trust as well as the satisfaction of your customers.

4) Position your Cart Properly

This goes down to make the process of purchase easier. Your cart should be positioned at a point where it’s e to find as well as use. It’s best to avoid using an interface between the cart button and the cart section. Even advertisement at that stage should be avoided. This will show you value your customers’ time.

5) Make Reviews Available

We all like a form of warranty, an assurance that the decision we are about to make is correct. Reviews from customers who’ve purchased from you before should be added as much as possible, and this will serve as social proof and boost your website’s credibility.

6) Optimize your Website to be Available on Mobile Phones

It is frustrating to click a website on your mobile only to realize it can only open in certain media. It is best to make your website available for use on as many electronic devices as possible.

7) Offer Suggestions in the form of Related Products

Your Customers want to know you care about them and aren’t just interested in making sales. Making suggestions similar to the products they’re purchasing or have shown a history of purchasing sends a message that you care about them and are keen on making their lives easier.


E-commerce is a sector with huge potential. It could make or mar profit and business integrity. When it’s done, it’s best done properly. Regular revisions and improvement on your business’ website will go a long way in the positive results you get from your website.

Good luck as you improve your business and website design.

If you’re considering to have a new site built for your e-commerce business but don’t have the necessary skills to do so, get in touch with an industry leading web design company.