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Recent times have seen different trends of logo designs come and go, all in a bid for organizations to maintain a good image in the customer’s eyes. This act can be described as rebranding. It is essential to remember that a logo is an organization’s brand identity, and an organization’s brand identity is its image to the public. Irrespective of the logo’s size, it can always grow to become the most recognized part of a business. A good logo is a pictorial representation of an organization’s values and morals. If you have new organizations or organizations looking to rebrand themselves, the exciting thing is that new logo design trends have been created every time, so you will not experience any difficulty choosing a representative logo.

Hence, this article provides different logo trends to guide your choice of branding in 2021.

Logo Design Trends to Look Out For In 2021


  • Hand Drawn Images: Most of the excellent logo designs are designed using the accuracy and dynamism of computer-based applications, but most of these logo designs lack uniqueness or originality. In 2021, most organizations seeking a unique and original brand identity will design logos by hand drawings to better depict their ideas. Hand-drawn logos can be the right choice for designing your organization’s logo.
  • Revisiting Basic Shapes: This trend can be representative yet straightforward; it involves using basic shapes alongside colors that represent an organization to design a logo. This will be an option when looking for representative yet straightforward logos.
  • The use of Overlapping text: This trend aims at simplicity, context, and representativeness. It contains a word that describes the organization and is also informative of who and what the organization stands for.
  • Classic Symbols: The use of classic Symbols in the logo embodies iconography and motifs. This type of logo contains an iconic image that depicts what the organization stands for and translates the organization’s ethics and morals to the consumer. It will become a design trend in 2021, with consumers more interested in a company’s ethics. 
  • Use of Optical Illusions: This logo cleverly captivates consumers’ attention; it contains layers, depth, and perspective in one design. It is created by carefully combining abstract or geometric shapes that represent a brand or using the brand’s initials.
  • Breaking Rules of Composition: In 2021, we will see logo designs with extraordinary compositions, thus breaking the rules of Composition to represent the brand more.
  • Using Emoji: Emoji are ubiquitous visual vocabulary characters used to express emotions clearly and concisely. In a bid to connect with consumers, 2021 will witness emoji in logo design for more emphatic meaning.
  • Use of Nature Imagery: Like classic Symbols, the images used here are from nature. It aims to represent, inform, and inspire.
  • Analogous Color Schemes: Involves using simple color combinations; a dominant color and other surrounding colors can be used. The colors used must be representative of the brand.



In general, 2021 will see both new and existing organizations seek expansion and growth. Thus, it will use unique, distinct, and quality logo design techniques to achieve this. This is because an organization’s identity influences its growth and expansion.

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