The definition of beauty is not universal, considering that beauty means different things to every individual. However, having white teeth is one of the general standards by which beauty can be measured. Having white teeth enhances one’s appearance and even increases self-confidence.

However, despite all efforts to ensure impeccable oral health, foods, medication, and lifestyle can have adverse effects on our teeth. In the last decade, the field of teeth whitening has experienced tremendous transformation both in dental clinic and at home. Thankfully, this article will discuss essential things to know about them. 

You will discover tips and secrets of teeth whitening in this article; keep reading!

Methods of Teeth Whitening

 There are two methods by which you can get your teeth whitened: Dental clinic teeth whitening and home teeth whitening.

Dental clinic teeth whitening is quite common among several oral experts, especially as the demand for teeth whitening services has erupted in the past few years. There are several procedures that dentists employ, among which is Laser Bleaching, which involves the application of a peroxide mixture to your teeth, after which your teeth are exposed to Argon light which reacts with the gel to whiten your teeth.

The procedure is effective; however, it is not affordable to everyone, and the results may require a touch-up after a few months.

Considering that dental clinic teeth whitening is so expensive, people have devised methods that will help achieve the same results at home without you breaking the bank.

– Brush-on Whitening

This teeth whitening method is a speedy procedure suitable for your DIY teeth whitening. This method requires you to brush the formula onto your teeth and leave it to sit overnight.

The brush-on teeth whitening option is excellent for people who want to whiten their teeth but save time in the process. However, it is essential to know that the method requires your teeth to be completely dry to avoid patchy results.

– Teeth Whitening Strips

Teeth-whitening strips are another solution that a lot of people have adopted. The ease of use and simplicity of design has made it one of the most used teeth whitening options.

The strips are placed on the upper and lower teeth, pressed against the teeth. This procedure is also faster and easy to do at home; however, the strips may not reach the tiny cracks and gaps, which will affect the overall result.

– Bleaching Gel Trays

Bleaching gels can also help achieve results because they are made up of a combination of teeth whitening solutions.

Teeth Whitening Secrets

– Before whitening your teeth, brush your teeth for at least two minutes using an oxygenating toothpaste. This will help you ensure that the whitening gel is in direct contact with your tooth enamel and not the dental plaque.

– Ensure to use a strong teeth whitening gel to achieve the expected result. A 21% carbamide peroxide gel will help tackle stains and reduce teeth and gum sensitivity.

– Rinse your mouth with an oxygenating oral rinse immediately after your teeth whitening procedure. It is vital to ensure that your oral rinse doesn’t contain alcohol.



This article has discussed various teeth whitening procedures and even secrets you should know before deciding on which teeth whitening procedure to choose. It is essential to see your dentist and get appropriate consultation before treatment.

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