If you have been involved in any concrete cutting project, you already know how essential concrete saws can be for the task. A concrete saw, also known as a slab saw, is a concrete cutting tool used to cut masonry, bricks, tiles, and other solid materials. It comes in different types and can be powered by either electricity, gasoline, or hydraulic pressure. Concrete saw blades are often made of powerful elements like diamond or hard steel. This article will explain all you need to know about the basic types of concrete saws and their uses.

Types of Concrete Saws

Saws for concrete cutting come in different types, and they are classified mainly by either their working system or how they are handled. Here are some of the best types of concrete saws.

  • Chain Saw: A chain saw is a high-tech tool used to cut concrete and other solid materials. The hydraulic chain saw is best known for its precision, and it can perfectly cut up to a 24-inch depth. It is, therefore, the appropriate saw for high-precision projects.
  • Handheld Saw: The handheld saw is one of the most popular concrete saw types today because of its portability. It is mainly employed for smaller tasks.
  • Slab Saw: The slab saw is similar to a handheld saw, but it is typically larger and promises more efficiency. The slab saw is either electric or diesel powered, and it can cut up to a depth of 32 inches.
  • Wire Saw: This piece of equipment is often utilized for projects that require chopping off large concrete portions. The wire saw is built for big jobs, and it can cut to massive lengths and depths that are unreachable by other saw types.
  • Core Drills: This tool is often caught between drill and concrete saw functions. However, it is very effective for boring tubular holes on concrete, and it can drill holes with as large as 60-inch diameters. It is often used to create openings in concrete for wiring, anchor bolts, plumbing, and cable connections.

Basic Concrete Saw Uses

Concrete saws have several uses in a concrete work site, and each type of saw is often employed for different tasks. The primary uses of concrete saws include;

  • Cutting Through Concrete: As the name suggests, concrete saws are used to cut through concrete to give a required shape or volume. They are strong enough to cut through thick concrete without suffering any damage, and this is the primary use of concrete sawing.
  • High-Speed Cutting: Concrete saws can also cut other materials like wood, metal, and other solid materials. They are often utilized when the task needs to be completed quickly.
  • Drilling: Concrete saws like the core drill can be used to drill cylindrical holes on concrete.


A concrete saw is a versatile tool used in most construction sites, and it comes in different types for different uses. But this tool can often expose the user to risks of injuries, so safety precautions must be put in place before using any concrete saw. 

In order to master your safety with these saws, it is essential to learn about their types and what they are best suited for. Thankfully, this article has highlighted all you need to know about concrete saws and their types.