Often, people lack the understanding of what denture means. Usually, when a person who wears a denture breaks their teeth or the denture breaks by falling on the floor may require denture repair. When the patient’s teeth are broken in some areas, such patients may require partial denture repairs. But in a situation where more than some teeth require replacement, such patients will require complete denture repair.


A patient requires partial dentures when most of their natural teeth are healthy and strong enough to fit into the new partial denture. When the patients require a denture and the teeth remaining are not strong and healthy enough to retain the denture, the dentist will suggest that the patients undergo surgery that will enable them to receive a complete denture.


However, getting a complete denture requires many processes, as in some cases, the patients will be required to perform about three to five dental visits. Also, dentures can last for over 20 years and require denture repairs depending on how you care for them. Also, denture repairs can last for about a couple of hours or a few days at most. 


Denture Repair Process


When a patient requires a new denture, the first step they are required to do is to schedule an appointment with the dentist. The dental session may last up to 5 times, depending on the patients’ needs or the doctor’s requirements. 


During the first visit, the doctor carries out an x-ray on the teeth to discover the problem. It allows the doctor to know the state of the teeth, gum, and jaw and prescribe the best remedy. During the second visit, the doctor uses putty to perform a mold of your mouth to get the right denture fitting and reshape the remaining teeth. 


On the third visitation, the doctor checks how well the new denture fits into your mouth and how easy it allows you to chew. At this point, it is best to reveal any challenge you have as you use the new denture in eating and drinking. After that, the doctor fixes a fourth and fifth visitation after several weeks of using the denture. The doctor then asks about the dental process and reviews the full maintenance and cleaning process. In situations where you are having a challenge using the denture, this will be a better time to state it.


When Should I Repair My Denture?


Dentures do not last forever, and their lifespan depends on the quality of care and maintenance inputted. An ill-maintained denture will not last very long, especially when you usually leave them with food stuck in between them or frequently drop them.


During accidents, it is best to visit a dentist. But if you have the dental repair kits, you can perform a quick fix using a denture repair kit. It is advisable to have a denture repair kit as you wouldn’t know when you will need to replace a tooth or fix a crack.


Denture Repair Strength


The strength of a denture repair depends on how it is treated. Treating them the best way will make them last better. It is better for maintenance reasons to put your denture in water or a denture solution throughout the night to clean thoroughly.




Denture repairs are important if you want to use it in its best state. But proper maintenance is required if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on the dentist. If you always find yourself visiting the dentist often, it means there is a high chance that you are not maintaining your denture.