Festoon lights have become a favorite choice for outdoor LED lighting in recent years, especially during festive periods. They are incredibly versatile and can easily fit into your décor for various occasions, events, or plain outdoor revamp. It is essential always to consider multiple factors when choosing the best festoon lights for your outdoor décor. This article will discuss some of the factors to make the process easier for you. Read on to find them out. 


Festoon lights often come in two cord styles, including the hanging and flush styles. Flush festoon lights come with lamp holders sitting in direct contact with the string. This sitting design makes it the most suitable cord style for hanging against fences, wrapping around trees, and indoor decorations. When used indoors, the cord style can be suspended around mirrors, over bed-heads, in the playroom, and children’s bedrooms. Hanging festoon lights often come with an extra cord length that usually hangs from the significant string. The light option is also perfect for creating a “festoon light ceiling” when suspended under a roof or between posts. 


It is relatively easy to use question lights because of their wall plug and continuous strong line. It also comes with various unique accessories to allow you to create exciting layouts. Cable ties can be beneficial when hanging festoon lights. They can be attached to trees, fence posts, or ceilings without being too obvious. Moreover, they will help to keep the string in place without allowing much movement. 

When going for a 20m festoon light set to string it across different points, it is best advised to use a guide-wire. This is so that you can prevent the settings from sagging. It will also help to minimize damages. 

Big Bulb Lights

After choosing a festoon string style, you can go ahead to choose light bulbs for the installation. The two major types of light bulbs available for this lighting system include incandescent and LED bulbs. Incandescent bulbs entail the older lights bulb style with fragile wire filaments. LED Big bulb Lights entail a more recent lighting technology that uses semiconductor devices to transform electricity into light. 

LED bulbs are often more durable and last longer than incandescent bulbs. So, you will not have to worry about changing them frequently. Moreover, they use lesser electricity to generate the same level of brightness, meaning that you can save more money from your bills. 

An essential consideration when choosing a bulb for your festoon light installation is the atmosphere you want to create. It is best advised to go for brighter bulbs if you’re going to get more vibrant illuminations around your room. It is noteworthy that LED bulbs often come with lower wattage than incandescent bulbs. So, remember to always compare wattages among bulbs within the same level. 

You should always have in mind that whichever type of light bulb you choose, there will be about 20 of them hanging in one area. So, think carefully before making a choice. 


Festoon lighting systems are often suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations. However, it is better to always consider their protection and area of the facility before choosing a festoon lighting system. If you are getting the lights for outdoor installations where they will be exposed to dust and water, it is better to go for lights with higher IP ratings. Otherwise, you can opt for lower IP-rated lights. 


Festoon lights can offer great value for illuminating your home and surroundings. This article has discussed some vital things you should know about it.