We can create new web applications with a large number of mature specifications through progressive development today. Thanks to the advent of WebBluetooth, users develop PWA, new specifications, and functions on their PC/mobile browsers. Web Bluetooth is a new specification implemented in Chrome and Samsung Internet. It allows users to communicate directly with Bluetooth devices. Web Bluetooth can provide security and convenience of web applications and communicate with devices directly. 

Reliable Ble Web Browser

PNN Soft has developed an efficient BLE web browser called Bluefy. It is an up-to-date iOS browser that supports the Bluetooth web standard. Bluefy allows sites to interact with BLE peripherals. It was developed for fast and reliable wireless connection via Bluetooth devices to websites. 

Web Bluetooth Browser Technologies allows web services to access the devices selected by the user securely and confidentially. Typically, it has built-in protection against malicious downloads and sites. Besides, Bluefy supports advanced web technologies and standards. 

The Bluefy app supports advanced technologies and allows users to connect quickly to a third-party device using the BLE function. The application is already well-liked and receives positive user ratings. Let’s look at the main characteristics that the developers have provided for Bluefy users.

Bluefy provides several key features:

  • The corresponding web browser with multiple functionalities;
  • Security and support for connecting to many devices;
  • High level of application functionality;
  • Constant support on updating the application;
  • Scalable environment for developers;
  • Several wireless communication capabilities;
  • Modern user interface created by UX design developers;
  • The primary task is to protect confidential user data;
  • Adaptation to iPhone, iPad Screens

Each Bluetooth device is a “central device” in the connection mode. They can initiate communication and can communicate with peripheral devices. The central device can be a computer or a mobile phone. When we talk about WebBluetooth, we are referring to a special part of the Bluetooth specification. 

Bluefy offers a wide range of services by interacting with the surrounding gadgets. They cover business management, health monitoring, the automotive industry, and IoT technology. The Bluefy BLE application is a browser for searching the Internet and also a tool for web developers. The application functions reliably and is intuitive for interaction. Therefore, the Bluefy browser can be considered an alternative to native applications for Bluetooth devices. 

Bluefy app on App Store