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Having a child is the joy of any parent who desires to have them. The miracle of new life and the happiness associated with the birth of a child, watching that child take their every first, and watching them grow are milestones worth experiencing. Apart from being parents, you are also in charge of caring, nurturing, and providing for your child. That involves getting a job and working hours to meet all financial obligations. 

As a new parent preparing to go back to work after having a child, you might be wondering how to cope with caring and making a living. Well, that solution is no further than long daycare.

You might be familiar with the option of long daycare centers, but you are wondering, “Should I allow my child to attend daycare centers?” This article will provide an answer to that question, alongside some of the considerations you should make while deciding whether to enroll your child in a long daycare. 

Here are a few reasons why you should definitely consider enrolling your child into long daycare:

  • Boosts creativity:

A child’s mind is a place that is eager and ready to learn new things. During this period, your child’s mind is in the early stages of development, and what better way to improve the mind than an environment that supports, encourages, and allows creativity?

Innovative child-oriented activities are employed in long daycare centers. These activities help promote good social interaction with other children physically and emotionally, shaping cognitive association, creativity, and critical thinking. 


  • It makes learning fun:

Simply put, learning is fun in a long daycare. Academic activities are taught using mediums that make it easy for your child to follow and not get bored in the process. Storytelling, music, building blocks, painting, drawing are all ways that will definitely keep them wanting to add up more sums, learn the alphabet and spell simple words. 


These innovative methods will guarantee that your child has covered the basics and set for school. 


  • Social Development:

Studies have shown that children that start interacting with their peers at a young age will not only make friends but will grow up into confident, respectable, conforming, well-mannered, and sociable adults. They also learn to read their environment and others around them, quickly and efficiently respond to emotional and physical needs, and express their feelings and opinions articulately. 


These skills needed to thrive in today’s society begin with your kid’s daily interaction with other children at the long daycare center. 


  • More hours for you:

Long daycares differ from family and traditional daycare in that they are open for twelve to fourteen hours a day, five days a week, and fifty-two weeks of the year. This means that you can choose whatever hours suit your working schedule. You no longer have to worry about your child’s welfare when you have to go to work.

You can drop your child off at the daycare center and go about your daily activity without worry. 



The benefits of your child attending the long daycare center close to you are not limited to your child alone. It also benefits you as parents and the family as a whole. The decision now is to choose the right daycare for your child. While considering options, the most important thing is the needs of your child. They should always feel cared for, loved, and important.