Massage is the act of rubbing, hitting, or kneading the body to aid relaxation, prepare one for sports or other muscular activities, and relieve pain. People who carry out massages are referred to as massage therapists’ masseuse. 

Massage has various health benefits. Thus, it is often prescribed by doctors for their patients. Different massage techniques exist to solve different physical problems in the body.

The treatment involves different forms of manual hands-on therapies that serve different health purposes. Massage therapies are of different styles and techniques. And while most styles require special training to be administered correctly, other techniques do not require a lot of training and can be performed by anybody. This article will teach you more things you should know about massage therapy and its different techniques. 

Best Massage Styles and Techniques

Some of the best-known massage therapies include:


  • Swedish Massage:


This is the most common massage therapy. It was first introduced between the late 1700s and early 1800s. It concentrates on tissue kneading and tapping aimed at increasing muscle tone and helping muscles relax. It is a relaxation massage, and it is the most adopted massage style among others.

Swedish massage is also the best massage therapy for infants because it aids relaxation, therefore helping them sleep very comfortably. 


  • Deep tissue massage therapy: 


This massage includes some Swedish massage techniques, but it targets the deep tissues and muscles. It requires the muscles to be warmed up, allowing for easy access to the restrictions found in the tissues.

The deep tissue massage technique requires special training to help the therapist target certain body parts like the back and joints, and it is mostly only prescribed for athletes.


  • Myofascial trigger point massage therapy:


The myofascial trigger point is an area within a tight band of muscles. Hence, the myofascial trigger point massage therapy helps to reduce or remove the trigger point, thereby eliminating pain in such areas. It includes some Swedish techniques used for warming up and stretching the tissues before and after the operation.

This technique requires special training and is not suitable for all clients, except it is prescribed by a professional.


  • Friction massage therapy:


This is a localized technique aimed at breaking down adhesion and scar tissues which in turn warms up the tissues and aid circulation to remove metabolic wastes.


  • Lymphedema massage therapy:


This therapy stimulates the flow of lymphatic fluid in the body to relieve pain and congestion. It helps to reduce swelling after an injury and also after surgery. It is also used for women with mastectomy, and it requires a degree of special training to master the art.

Other significant forms of massage therapy requiring special training include:

  • Shiatsu: this technique was developed in Japan. It helps remove blockage along the meridian to aid the free movement of energy.
  • Craniofacial therapy: it induces deep relaxation.
  • Active release therapy:  This is a patented therapy encompassing different movements while manipulating tissues.
  • Facial release therapy involves manipulating and stretching the connective tissue covering muscles, nerves, organs, and bones in the body.


In general, Massage therapies are beneficial. But you should consult your medical advisor first before getting it. This will help you to know the best and most appropriate massage therapy for your body. Besides, this article has listed some of the most popular types and techniques to make the decision easier for you. 

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