Australia is known for its friendly behaviour with people around, sandy beaches, houses, warm temperature and unique countryside. Australia is considered one of the least populated countries in the world with beautiful viewpoints from different areas. Moreover, Australia is also known for the beauty of houses and communities in which homes are built. The reputed companies build cities throughout the country in such a manner that the buyer gets attached to the houses in his first sight. These houses are fully furnished with premium fittings and regular professional maintenance. For many of us, choosing a brand new home is the culmination of a lifelong dream and display homes are the path to that dream.


  • Selling Out


Display homes are those which are built for the buyer to show them what their homes will look like. These houses are considered as the best selling houses as they are built according to the requirements of the buyer with all the fittings furnished. These houses are available at an affordable price with the outcome of premium product which makes it a significant investment. Whether you are buying to rent or buying to live here, now is the time when the prices are low, and the demand is growing. You will be provided other benefits also from these homes, i.e. you’ll also save on property management fees and can still claim depreciation on the house.


  1. Hold Up

Before buying a display home, the only problem arises is location, as every buyer has his/ her own preference in consideration of the location. As excitement would overwhelm the best of us during the visit to the display homes but it’s crucial to keep a level head and think really carefully about what we actually desire. For example, does the flooring suit you according to the preference, space for fixtures and quality of material used. The most important thing before you buy the house is the feeling when you enter the house, does the house make you feel like a home the minute you enter it. But on the other hand, paying off stamp duty on the total value of both the house and the land is a risky job. As the home isn’t yet built but the stamp duty is to be paid.


  • Show me more


So now you know the benefits of buying the display homes, there are various websites and sellers of the houses you just need to know your preference and budget of the house. 


  • Alkimos Beach


The Alkimos Vista Display Homes is located on the corner of Picasso Promenade and Fresco Way, Alkimos Vista. These homes are packed with features like entertainment areas in the homes with a great view of sunrise and sunset from the house itself. Big enough for at least two families and perfect for a family gathering on various occasions like thanksgiving and Christmas. The house will itself represent that it is a premium looking house worth investing. Builders who represent the display homes at Alkimos beach are Home Group WA, Go Homes and Monu.


  • Calderwood valley


Alike in Alkimos beach here in Calderwood valley also various display homes are waiting for you with a friendly neighbourhood and loving people around. These houses are best for the person who wants to have premium quality at an affordable price. Illawarra at present is the growing region and a planned community, so investment in display homes in this community will be beneficial in the future as well.