There are a few things in the kitchen that are as important as your booking oil. This is because the ingredient plays a significant role in preparing almost all the foods we cook in the space. This could be either at home or in a restaurant. 

Sometimes, parts of this oil remain in our pot after cooking. It could be oil remnants from frying fish, French fries, or chicken. We this is the case, most people do not know what to do with this remaining oil, so they throw it down the drain. This habit could be pretty dangerous, as the oil can cause some damage when discarded like this. Thankfully, though, this article will provide a solution to this problem by highlighting some of the best ways to dispose of your cooking oil. 

How to Adequately Dispose of Your Cooking Oil 

Indeed, it can be dangerous to reuse cooking oil, especially when it has gotten dirty or if it has been overused. This is because such oil could be toxic and cause food poisoning when cooking your food. Considering that you can not reuse cooking oil many times, it is only fitting that it should be disposed of, and here is where the dilemma comes for most people. Not to worry; however, some of the best ways to dispose of your used cooking oil has been listed below: 

Get in contact with your local restaurants: one of the best ways to dispose of used cooking is by getting in touch with your local restaurants. However, you are not contacting them to collect the oil for further use. Instead, you will get expert opinions on how to get rid of the oil. This is because they have probably been doing it for some time and should know the best method to dispose of cooking oil in your area. 

Do not pour it down the sink, toilet, or drain: one of the biggest mistakes you can make while getting rid of your used cooking oil is pouring it down the sink, sink, or toilet, even though it is the first idea that comes to your head when you think of getting rid of the oil. When you discard your used oil like this, it might clog the drain and cause drainage problems for you. 

Store and dispose of: another essential thing you should do when getting rid of used cooking oil is to first store them in containers that you can quickly identify. It is also advisable to label the containers not to mistake them for new cooking oil. The idea is that storing the oil in used containers will help make its disposal easier. 

Store them in Glass Jars: the best type of containers for storing used cooking oil in glass jars. Many kitchens today have some useless glass jars lying around. It would be better to put them into use by using them to store your used cooking oil for disposal. This also lets you see the oil state, considering that most glass jars are see-through. 


As much as cooking oil is an essential ingredient in any kitchen, it could also be a problem if you do not know how to dispose of it after use. Thankfully, though, this article has suggested some tips to help you dispose of your used oil.