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Décor with contrasting colours

In previous times, light-coloured décor has always been extremely popular, but now darker colours have emerged as a go-to for those looking to create a dramatic effect within their living spaces. This is not to say that you should suddenly begin lavishing your interiors with sombre tones, but décor that consists of striking contrasts, or dark-shaded items place within a lighter interior can be used to great effect, helping to add a touch of intrigue and fascination.

Brightly coloured cabinetry

Keeping in line with the trend of powerful colour contrasts, it’s now in vogue to have bright or distinctly coloured kitchen cabinetry set against the traditional white walls. Doing so once again creates a striking visual effect.

Vintage artwork pieces

While artwork has never gone out of fashion, vintage pieces in particular have become very popular in 2020. People have fallen in love with classical designs that show physical signs of aging. It further adds to their prominence.

Kitchen artwork

Framed artwork has been a mainstay of interior design since the advent of – well, framed artwork. Art pieces help to give the kitchen a more liveable touch, as opposed to the austere, industrial look that kitchens are known for.

Royal blue

Darker shades of blue such as navy and royal blue, go well with many colours and provide an unmistakably classy and alluring appeal to any room. It’s highly flexible and looks great with a wide range of home styles, from classical to contemporary. Dark shades of blue are excellent for both inside and outside areas.

Decorative wallpaper

Decorative wallpaper, particularly those with floral patterns are proving to be a big hit in 2020. From vivid contrasts to more subtle designs, decorative wallpaper is a great way to add vibrancy and excitement to any living space. Adding to their aesthetic qualities, modern wallpapers are also highly practical, with solutions available that are incredibly quick and easy to apply.

Kitchens that aren’t predominantly white

There have been times throughout the past where kitchens were almost entirely white. Now, however, designers are looking to give the humble kitchen a much-needed makeover, with timber cabinetry, shelving and other adornments all coloured in a manner that allows the kitchen area to be just as lively as the rest of the house.

Canopy bedding

Typically a mainstay of island resorts, the canopy bed has made its way into mainstream home bedding. With modern styles however, there is no longer a need for the large, cumbersome materials that so often wrapped around the beams. Now instead, consumers are opting to have the canopies designed from beautiful materials.


While indoor fernery is nothing new, a popular choice for 2020 is undoubtedly the Olea europaea. While ferns with more prominent colours have been trendy in the past, the Olea europaea is known for its more refined leaf colours, which range from olive green, to a dark terracotta shade.

Janelle Crosby is a commercial manager at leading Gold Coast based retailer Luv A Le. Specialists in online homewares, beach themed baskets and more.