There is no general rule for engagement ring gemstones. You may opt for the traditional diamond ring or ride along with a gem such as ruby. The critical determinant of your engagement ring choice should be based on what makes you comfortable, not about what other people think is appropriate.

As you read through this piece, you shall be getting information that relates to different birthstones and what makes them outstanding and unique.

Garnets for January Ladies

It comes in the unique color of tsavorite (electric grass green), rhodolite (a vivid magenta hue), spessartite (bright orange). Mainly mine within the Kenya and Tanzania borders. Best known as a semi-precious gem with an excellent wintry red hue. The world finest also comes in different shades. So, if you are the bride-to-be in January, garnets offer you an entire spectrum of options.

Amethyst for February ladies 

Thinking of going for something classy without breaking the bank, going for amethyst will be a good idea. It is mainly associated with patrons such as Venus and Diana, and recently St. Valentine. Amethyst is imbued with the message of love, femininity, and sensuality.

Aquamarine for march ladies

Aquamarine is the best bridal-friendly alternative gemstone if you are not a fan of the traditional pattern of using a diamond. Aquamarine rates 7.5 on the Mohs scale, which is not too bad for a gemstone.

Diamond for April ladies

For ladies born in April, a diamond seems to be the best engagement ring you can rock the town. There is a generally agreed consensus that the emerald cut diamonds showcase a diamond in its natural and most ideal form.

Emerald for May ladies

great personalities like Jackie Kennedy and Wallis Simpson used emerald for their engagement ring despite criticism by some industry experts that the emerald chip easily. It has a rating of 7.5 – 8 on the Mohs, which is not bad technically. Emerald is usually used as the symbol of love, fidelity, and fertility.

Pearl for June ladies

Pearl is the symbol of innocence and purity. Although pearls are fragile, they still retain their romantic appeal and luminous glow.


Ruby for July ladies

Talking about ruby is talking about love itself. Ruby color element consists of a magically bright hue color. With a rating as high as nine on the Mohs, it simply means a ruby isn’t just a glamorous engagement ring but an item of value.

Peridot for August ladies

Peridot is mainly mine in Arizona in the U.S. Peridot has a comparatively affordable price than other precious stones. It is also believed that it contains healing powers, and to some, it is a symbol of hope and good luck and protection for anyone wearing it. 

Sapphire for September ladies

Sapphire belongs to the corundum family and has a Mohs scaling of 9, making it a top choice for a bridal engagement ring. Sapphire has rainbow-like colors from yellow, green, shocking pink, and peachy pink. Some sapphire has white colors giving you an alternative to diamonds.

Opal for October Ladies

With a 5.5 on Mohs scale, Opal is a vulnerable gemstone that requires great care and attention. Opal the as a symbol of hope, fidelity, and purity. Great personalities like late Queen Victoria wore Opal throughout her reign and often give them out as wedding gifts to her offspring.

Topaz for November Ladies

Topaz’s natural color comes in yellow, which is different entirely from citrine. Topaz rate as 8 when on the Mohs scale, making it practical for your engagement ring.

Turquoise for December Ladies

Turquoise is mainly found in New Mexico, Nevada, Colorado, and Arizona. Most people who are just coming in contact with turquoise see it as a gemstone with no sparkle. But you can maximize the potential of your turquoise by ramping the engagement ring with diamond. Turquoise is associated with happiness and faithfulness, which you will need as you take a trip down the aisle.


Irrespective of your engagement month, there is always a birthstone for you to choose. 

However, if you are not cool with your month’s birthstone, you have the freedom to pick from any month of your choice.