Centrecoat Thermoplastic Line Marking Tape is a reflective marking tape suitable for cycleways, footpaths, car parks, ports, airways, playgrounds, hard concrete, etc. It is designed majorly for car parks, roads, and for traffic paint. If you have been wondering what this tape is all about, or you want to know the essence of its use, then this article is for you. We will teach you some top important things you should know about centrecoat line-making tapes and how to use them. Read on to discover more. 


Importance of the Centrecoat Thermoplastic Line Making Tape 

The tape is best known for being a highly effective and productive way for line marking for traffic and a suitable car park or playground line tap. Center Coat Thermoplastic Line Marking Tape has good peculiarities that set it apart from other marking tapes. 


It is recommended to mark highway reinstatement, hard spot surfaces, cycleways, airports, playgrounds, sports, and hard sports surfaces. It is easy to make clean and clear markings with it, which can be used immediately after marking. It doesn’t require a long period to create clear road markings with Center Coat Thermo Plastic Line Marking Tape; it’s a fact that one can make it in minutes. 


To get practical, fast permanent road markings. It is necessary to have a Thermoplastic Gas Torch and only one person to draw the line-markings. It’s essential to use a tack coat where you would like to apply this marking tape on concrete. 



It’s highly essential to dry a wet surface with a recommended gas torch before applying this product on a surface. 


  • To correctly use this product, there must be a Thermoplastic Gas Torch which you can use to melt the tape onto the substrate. 
  • After application, the area is ready to be used within ten minutes. One must apply Thermoplastic must within specified weather temperature (190- 200 degrees) for good adhesion. 
  • It’s a proven fact that one can apply this product all year round in different weather conditions. But where the weather temperature is lower than 10 degrees, it’s suggested that the Thermo Plastic Gas Torch is used on the surface before the application of the tape.
  • Regarding the maintenance of Center Coat Thermoplastic line marking tape, it must be stored in a protective area at a minimum of 10 Celsius degrees, or it may turn brittle. 
  • It’s essential to apply with the glass beads facing upwards.  
  • Do not apply this product over painted lines. It will not produce the desired results. 
  • The product can be used on any surface such as concrete, asphalt, or tarmac surface and even in an external environment like highways, ports, playgrounds, car parks, and airports. 
  • One of the reasons why it stands out is its durability. It can withstand all sorts of weather forms. It has resistance to snow, ice, rain, sunlight, etc. 



Center Coat Thermoplastic line marking tape is the number one choice for drawing lines in designated places. Its ability to do quick work that would ensure little or no disruption of road activities has made it the number one choice for marking tape in the world. The product is available in colors of Red, Blue, Yellow, and White. We have discussed some of the things you should know about the tape, its importance, and how to use it in this article.