There is no denying that the period of pregnancy is a journey in its right. This journey has many hurdles and joys, and the ultimate joy is the birth of the child. However, the cause of these hurdles associated with pregnancy is a result of the hormonal changes experienced by the body. A constant type of these hurdles experienced by pregnant mothers is the pains that follow as the pregnancy evolves. These pains tend to cause pregnancy complications if not addressed.

The pregnancy phase is a phase that changes a woman physically, mentally, and socially; thus, she better be prepared for the changes. The standard physical change that accompanies the hormonal changes in the body is weight gain, and as the body adjusts to the changing weight, pressure begins to mount in some parts of the body. Chiropractic is a measure of minimizing the complications that may arise as the pregnancy matures. 

This article will highlight the causes of pains experienced during pregnancies, how chiropractic care addresses these pains, and the benefits of chiropractic care to pregnancies.

Causes Of Pains Experienced In Pregnancy Evolution

As the pregnancy evolves, the body is forced to adapt to the ongoing change. The adaptation process can result in severe pains experienced by most pregnant women. However, to better understand the causes of the pains, we examine the body parts that experience changes. They are:

  1. Lower abdomen: Most pregnant women would notice that there is expansion around their uterus region as the pregnancy matures. The expansion causes the uterus to press against the spinal column. The pressure on the spine is noticed in the form of backache. This is why most pregnant women experience backaches.
  2. Joints and ligaments: The hormonal change results in the production of hormones that leads to the subluxation of pelvic ligaments and joints. This makes these parts the der so they can expand when it is time for the baby to be born. This tenderness is felt in the form of pains in the joints.

How Pregnancy Chiropractic Drop table Helps Pregnancies

The ways pregnancy chiropractic table helps pregnancies is highlighted by the benefits of chiropractic care to pregnant women. These benefits are:

  1. Alleviates backache: Professional chiropractors know that the primary cause of backache for pregnant women is that the expansion pressure on the spine might have displaced some vertebras. Thus, they align spine vertebras to reduce the pressure, thereby alleviating the pain experienced.
  2. Strengthen joints: A complication that can occur during the pregnancy evolution is uneven expansion resulting in difficulties during child labor where the doctors suggest childbirth through cesarean section. But chiropractic drop table reduces the chances of this type of surgery occurring because the chiropractor helps strengthen the joints to aid even expansion, thus alleviating pain and reducing the risks of complications.
  3. Baby’s position: In some pregnancy cases, the fetus forms wrongly, resulting in the baby being in an awkward position that makes the expectant mother uncomfortable. A professional chiropractor can adjust the baby’s position by causing the baby to rotate into an excellent position, thereby making the expectant mother comfortable.


Chiropractic traction table is estimated to provide pregnant mothers with 89-92% comfort, and it also helps them relax better. However, this form of antenatal care needs to be recommended by a professional doctor or midwife. This article has highlighted how beneficial this form of antenatal care is to pregnancies.