Before you ask that question, you must first know that varied kinds of PVC shutters are also of varied quality. How long these will last depends on their quality and price. The more quality PVC shutters are the most expensive ones, while those of low quality come insanely cheap. The most common kinds of shutters are PVC shutters or synthetic shutters, wooden plantation shutters and Aluminium shutters.

How Do You Make the Best Choice?

Here are some tips to use when choosing:

  1. Not all shutters are the same: Some salespeople might try to deceive their customers into thinking they are all the same to make faster sales. But beware, the synthetic shutters are made using chemicals, while plantation shutters are of natural origin. 
  2. Some cheap shutters are coated in low-quality paint, which contains chemicals such as lead that can be harmful. If this comes in contact with heat, it can release harmful gases into the atmosphere.
  3. The difference in quality is determined by the manufacturing and treatment process. If they are treated to protect against harmful UV rays, they have better quality. Also, assembly of the final product after the painting is best since the final result looks polished and clean.
  4. Check for the presence of UV stabilizers. If present, the shutter is of high quality.
  5. If it’s not designed to handle the heat, it’s not of quality material.
  6. It’s harder to replace damaged parts of cheap PVC shutters.

Benefits of Synthetic Shutters

  •  It can be used in wet areas

You don’t have to put much thought into the placement of Synthetic plantation shutters. You can place them either in dry or wet areas.

  • They usually have warranties

Synthetic shutters have an extended warranty period of at most 25 years, which is a lot compared to wooden shutters, which have a shorter warranty period of about five years.

  • It has a low cost

Synthetic shutters are not as pricey as wooden shutters. However, if you want the nets of both worlds, you can opt for a Thermopoly shutter which is a combination of both.

Thermopoly shutters have similar prices to wooden shutters, and they look the same. Typical Thermopoly shutters have a UV stabilizer, aluminum rods, heat resistance, and offer insulation to your home. The only way you can tell this apart from a wooden one is by weight. 

Limitations of Synthetic Shutters

  •  Framing options are limited

There are about three ways you can frame a synthetic shutter, while there are over a dozen options for wooden ones. You may also need more panels for the window covering.

Should You Choose Wooden Over Synthetic Shutters?

Wooden shutters have more framing options than their plastic counterparts. They also have a width of 950mm (at most), and this is way wider compared to synthetic shutters with a width of 550mm. This means if you have a large window, you’d have to use more and vice versa. 

If your window has an indefinite shape, a wooden shutter is best because it can take various shapes. Not all wooden shutters can be used in wet areas, but the ones coated in polyurethane paint can be used in wet areas, provided water doesn’t directly come in contact with it.


With all the information presented to you in this article, you should have understood the different kinds of shutters, the benefits of each kind, and how to make the right choice.

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