Have you ever been curious about the equipment in a chiropractor’s office? What about the name of the table you’re lying on? The chiropractor’s office’s various machines can solve many back problems. Despite their appearance of being complex and intimidating, machines are pretty simple when you take the time to study them. 

This article will discuss several devices that are commonly used in chiropractic offices. It will explain what they do and how they do it to you in detail. A better understanding of what’s going on with your back will likely help you when you return to the chiropractor’s office shortly. 

Chiropractic Traction Tables Equipped with Computerized Controls 

Electric chiropractic table have automated Traction Control To alleviate back and neck pain caused by pressure on the spine, These chiropractic decompression table are nonsurgical devices. Different parts of the spine are loosened and stretched using the table. Chiropractic traction tables from the past tended to pull too quickly, resulting in pain relief that was either uncomfortable or ineffectual. On the other hand, the computerized traction table is sluggish but more user-friendly than its analog counterparts. 

So, what is it doing to you? The patient is strapped into this traction table to relieve the pressure on the disc, which gradually builds up tension or “pull.” The device slowly releases pressure on the patient by reducing the pull ever so slightly. Back pain relief, reduced or eliminated muscle spasms, and reduced nerve pressure is just a few of the benefits of spinal depressurization therapy (especially spinal). 

BioDex System of Equilibrium 

The BioDex Balance System enhances coordination, skill, and muscular strength. Patients can use this system for both stationary and energetic exercise. In this system, you can train for musculoskeletal firmness, learn how to navigate a maze, practice random control, test your limits of stability, and increase your weight-bearing percentage, to name a few. 

Patients use a moving plate on the machine. Depending on the level of practice required, one can shuffle the container in various ways. Muscles and coordination are strengthened over time and with repetition. Most patients see improvements in muscle strength, flexibility, and coordination after six to eight weeks of using this device, which focuses on the knees, ankles, hips, and lower back. 

Crossing of two cables in free motion 

Despite its name, the Free Motion Dual Cable Cross is a machine you’re likely familiar with if you’ve ever worked out in a gym. If you want to work out in different ways, you can adjust the machine’s two cables. After that, all you have to do is attach weight to the cables and start pulling. Thanks to its twelve vertical and nine horizontal adjusting options, this machine can handle virtually any movement pattern. In the hands of a skilled chiropractor, one can use these machines for more than just lifting weights. 

Plate-type Power Supply 

Some chiropractors use a device called the Power Plate, which generates vibrations. It activates the brain’s instinctual reaction to sound waves by using distinctive velocity advanced technologies. Vibration machines with bands to “rub away the fat” were popular in the 1980s. They use vibrations in a novel way. Standing on the plate and performing regular exercises causes the muscles to be more stressed, which results in a more intense workout in less time. Standing on the scale also improves coordination and balance because of the unsteady feeling. Working out during an earthquake, on the other hand, is a much riskier option. 


Several machines in the medical field are among the most intimidating you can ever encounter. Taking advantage of the fruits of human ingenuity is made simpler when one has a firm grasp of how these devices work. So the next time you visit your chiropractor, take a look around to see if you recognize anything. Fingers crossed, remembering how it functions will make it less disturbing. 

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