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Have you ever wondered how some unique shapes of arcs and pillars were achieved? Well, these structures were formed and constructed to look in that manner. The forming and construction process involves casting the concrete and cutting it.

Cutting concrete? Is concrete not a hard material? Then how possible is it to cut concrete and flawlessly at that? Yes, concrete is a hard material used to strengthen a structure, but it can be cut. The process of concrete cutting has evolved through the ages from the traditional jackhammer and chisel to more advanced and sophisticated equipment. This equipment makes achieving perfect cut concretes feasible.

The use of jackhammer and chisel has been dropped because this method is more time-consuming, not to mention the hazards and risks of concrete cutting. Still, with the advent of sophisticated equipment, concrete cutting is made fast, easy, and the hazards and risks are well managed.

There are various reasons for cutting concretes, and these reasons brought about the different forms or types of cutting concretes. This article is set to best explain what concrete cutting is, the various ways of cutting concrete, and why cut concrete. Read on to discover more exciting information.

What Is Concrete Cutting?

Concrete cutting is a process of controlled sawing, drilling, and carving of concrete employed by professionals like engineers, building technicians, and more when constructing structures that have concretes. This process, like every activity, especially construction activities, has a high percentage of risks and hazards, but these hazards can be managed using appropriate skillset, requirements, and safety guidelines.

Forms Of Concrete Cutting

The diversity in concrete cutting is based on various purposes. These forms are:

  1. Wall sawing: This involves creating openings in concrete walls. It is used in homes, bridges, and other concrete structures. This form of concrete cutting uses special equipment with a demand for a high skillset and cannot be done by a do-it-yourselfer. The equipment used here features a diamond blade that cuts through concrete with 12” thickness.
  2. Core drilling: Core Drilling – This involves drilling holes through concrete. It is used in dams, channels, homes for utility fittings like plumbing, and more. The tool used here demands a skillset but can be done by a do-it-yourselfer; though, it is not advisable. The tool cuts through a diameter of 60” and a thickness of 1”-12”.
  3. Slab sawing: As the name implies, this is used in cutting concrete slabs like foundations, beams, and more. It is used in homes, bridges, dams, and more. The equipment for this cutting can be operated singularly but demands a high skillset with lots of experience and cuts concrete of about 33”.

Reasons For Concrete Cutting

Cutting of concrete is done to satisfy various reasons, and they are:

  1. For correction purposes: Sometimes, during the construction process, concrete is miscast, affecting the design. Thus concrete cutting is used to correct those flaws.
  2. For sophisticated designs: Some sophisticated concrete structures cannot be easily cast in place. Thus concrete cutting is used to reshape those structures after being cast.
  3. For openings: Concrete cutting is used to create openings in structures where openings are designed to be.


Concrete cutting eliminates the tag of impossibility that is associated with modifying concrete. This article has discussed some concepts that best explain how to cut concrete and what concrete cutting means.