Concrete cutting requires skill, expertise, and large tools. For this reason, it has to be done by somebody qualified for the job. Cutting concrete also comes with a lot of hazards and concrete dust that can be an issue of safety concern. To carry out any concrete cutting procedures, whether it’s building a pool, window, or stairs, you must put some safety measures in place. Luckily, this article will discuss some of the measures. So, please ensure to read till the end for more information. 

  1. Wear safety gear

When cutting concrete, there’s a lot of noise and dust as a result. Some of the safety gear for adequate protection include:

  • Earplugs to cancel the effect of the noise
  • Protective goggles to prevent dust from entering your eyes
  • Mask to limit the inhalation of dust that could lead to health concerns
  • Boots to protect your feet
  • Gloves to get a better grip on the cutting equipment.
  1. Don’t be impatient

You may want to Maximize your time by working faster, but this is proven to be counterproductive. Cutting concrete too fast can cause damage to your equipment and you wouldn’t want that. Instead, make shallow cuts repeatedly. 

  1. Adequate water flow

If you’re making use of a wet saw, you have to ensure there’s adequate water flow to limit the number of dust particles produced during the process. Also, you need to identify the kind of saw you’re using. Generally, wet saw blades are the best, but don’t make the mistake of using a different saw blade with a saw machine.

  1. Inspect your blade

Before any cutting procedure, thoroughly inspect your blade to ensure that all the teeth are present and the blade is not damaged in any way. Using a damaged saw blade makes it extremely difficult to cut through a material as hard as concrete and could lead to serious safety hazards.

  1. Ensure your work area is well ventilated

Concrete saws are not mechanical equipment. They run on fuels such as diesel and produce fumes as a result. Working in a poorly ventilated area means you inhale all the toxic gases. To ensure this doesn’t happen, open all windows near you and use a fan when possible for proper airflow. 

  1. Wear a back harness when lifting

If you don’t lift concrete cutting equipment the right way, you could harm your legs and back. It requires specific lifting skills, but to prevent any accidents, wear a back harness and braces no matter how skilled you think you are. 

No matter how small the concrete cutting operation is, don’t make the mistake of not adequately protecting yourself. Your life means so much for you to put so much on the line for the procedure. Always check and recheck all the equipment you’d be using. Wear safety glasses, boots, and earplugs, and always ensure that you have an adequate running water supply when you’re using a wet floor sawing machine.

Following these tips will not only keep you safe, but increase efficiency and make your work so much easier. It is also worth noting that only skilled professionals should cut concrete. If you have no experience, you have no business with this cutting procedure.

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