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Every homeowner seeks new measures and methods to improve the quality of their home, depending on their budget. However, every homeowner wishes to live in a home that offers luxury, space, and comfort. There are various options homeowners use to improve their home’s aesthetics, and these options can be described as renovations.

A crucial space in the home that is underrated is the basement. This serves as the storage but connects directly to the home’s foundation; thus, there is a need to be cautious when making changes to this space. One way to improve this space is by adding stairways (in cases where they are not present). 

The addition of stairways involves the installation of concrete bulkheads to give the foundation and the building stability. These concrete bulkheads can be installed in two forms, pre-cast, and built-in concrete bulkheads. 

What is A Built-in Concrete Bulkhead?

Built-in concrete bulkheads, like the name implies, are constructed and cast directly where the bulkheads are meant to be positioned. In contrast, pre-cast concrete bulkheads are constructed and cast independently and then transported to the position where they will be installed.

From the definition above, built-in concrete bulkheads might seem the perfect option when constructing a stairway for your home. Although this is true, pre-cast concrete bulkheads can also be a perfect fit, provided you know how. This article will highlight some concrete cutting tips that will ensure your addition of pre-cast concrete bulkheads to your home is done correctly.

Why Concrete Cutting?

As mentioned earlier, pre-cast concrete bulkheads are constructed and cast independently and then transported to the point where they will be installed or mounted. Concrete cutting allows cutting a perfect fit for the point where the bulkheads will be installed. Hence, concrete cutting when installing pre-cast concrete bulkheads in your home.

Top-notch Concrete Cutting Tips for Adding Pre-cast Concrete Bulkhead to Your Home

These tips ensure you get the best results when adding pre-cast concrete bulkheads to your home. They include:

  1. Have a budget: This is essential to any project. With the help of experienced contractors, you can draft a suitable and complete budget for the addition you intend to make to your home.
  2. Prepare the position where the bulkheads will be installed: The preparation process involves digging a hole on the site where the bulkheads will be installed. Hence, you will want to contact the “DIG SAFE” team in that area to check the site for underground utility lines like power lines and more before you proceed to dig.
  3. Locate a pre-cast company: You have an idea of how your stairway looks; thus, you want to visit as many pre-cast industries near you as you can. This allows you to review the quality and designs of bulkheads they have.
  4. Layout cutline(s): This involves measuring the prepared site for accurate dimensions of the bulkhead you will acquire from the pre-cast industry. You can incorporate the services of an excavation contractor for this.
  5. Have a defined schedule: You want to ensure that every contractor you have employed gives you a defined schedule for their duties. If the digging contractors begin excavation in the morning, you want your pre-cast industry to deliver the concrete bulkheads by noon. This ensures that everything is conducted orderly.


The concrete cutting tips highlighted above ensure no flaws with the pre-cast concrete bulkheads you intend to use to make home additions.