As the weather condition begins to get hotter, you should consider installing a swimming pool in your home. Having a swimming pool has many benefits, but when you consider the investment required to achieve a standard swimming pool, you will have to analyze the whole process carefully. 

As a homeowner, before installing a swimming pool, you must be ready from the beginning of the project until its completion. Consulting a competent company to handle the task is important to avoid having a substandard pool that won’t last. You must also be ready for the maintenance aspect after completing the swimming, especially keeping the pool water clean. A swimming pool can be on the outside, as well as inside the building. However, the popular ones have always been the outside pool.

To keep in touch with the latest trends in pool construction, here are some latest swimming pool trends in 2021 you should be on the lookout for.

What you must consider before constructing a swimming pool 

Pool Builders Sunshine Coast – Before you set out to build a pool in your home, you must think about the layout of your property. It is the property layout that will determine the pool type you are to construct. Also of great importance are drainage issues and the deck around the pool. All this must be given due consideration because it will impact the pool placement.

Types of swimming pools 

  • In-ground pools

This type of pool is costly and requires top-quality construction to get the job done. However, having an in-ground pool will go a long way in enhancing the general outlook of your home. 


  • On-ground pools

There is a bit of similarity between on-ground pools and above-the-ground pools. The distinctive feature between the two is the construction method. First, an on-ground pool is dipped into the yard to give it a more embedded look.


  • Above ground pools 

An above-the-ground pool is the simplest and least expensive swimming pool type. It has different shapes that you can choose for your home. In addition, above-ground pools can be easily dismantled once you are done using them. 

Pool installation methods


  • Vinyl line in-ground pools


Since in-ground pools share similarities with above-ground pools, the pool installer will have to excavate a hole in the space designated for the pool installation and then fill the excavated area with sand. Above the sand, the installer may choose to use metal, wood, or plastic walls and cover them with vinyl. This installation style is way cheaper compared to in-ground pool installation. However, the pool installed using this method doesn’t last long, and the line must be changed at least once in ten years to keep it running smoothly.


  • Fiberglass pools 

To use this installation method, the pool installer will excavate the exact hole size needed to install the pool. This is done by preparing the opening with sand and plumbing, then the pool basin will be placed in the hole. Some fiberglass pools are designed with a concrete structure to serve as means to prevent them from quick damages.

Swimming pool maintenance 

The pool cleaning can be done manually or using a program system. For example, some specific program systems use water pressure to clean the entire pool and eliminate debris by flushing it out through the exit drain. You can also adopt the manual method for your pool cleaning, only that it is time-consuming and the cleaning may not be accurate compared to using a program system.  

Final thought 

Pool Builder – If you choose to install an in-ground pool vinyl liner, ensure the program system for your pool cleaning is strong enough to handle the cleaning task.