Building a home requires adequate planning and resources. It all starts from the concept phase to the manifestation point. Each phase of the project has its dos and don’ts. However, if you are going to achieve your aims and objectives, you should keep to these basic principles guiding building a residential apartment. 

Below is a detailed guideline that will give you an insight into the requirement of building a three-story apartment building residence.


  • Hiring the best architect for the design 


The first thing you need to do when building a three-story building residence is hiring the best architect for the project. Every construction project starts with an idea. The best way to picture your potential building residence is to hire a professional architect to convert those ideas into a physical form. Through the home design, you will be able to foresee how the project will look when it is completed.



  • Ensure you have the right amount of details 


Having insufficient information is one of the major mistakes homeowners make during the construction phase. It will be wrong to approve a quotation on your three-story building project without ascertaining relevant information about the project. Before stamping any quotation, you should have the following:

  • Stormwater and sewer diagram.
  • The complete structural engineering drawing.
  • Architectural drawing which must indicate the building plan, station, and elevation.
  • The residence survey plan.
  • Finishing schedule and other specifications. 



  • Make your budget as realistic as possible


Before getting started on three-story apartment construction, you need to be realistic with your budgeting. Knowing what it will cost you at each phase of the building project will help you know when your expenses are above board. In addition, you need to understand cost variation and its implication for building construction. 

It will be worthwhile to spend a few bucks on the bill of quantity document from a quantity surveyor. It could help you prevent spending extra costs on your building project.



  • Choose the right builder 


The stage is crucial to whether the apartment construction will be successful or otherwise. As stated earlier, every apartment construction starts with a plan. Then, you must ensure the land has the required dimension that is suitable, get the necessary approval from relevant authorities and home design. Finally, if you have set this up satisfactorily, you need the right builder to execute the project.   

Before settling for any builder, you should consider the following about the construction company. 

  • The company history 
  • Experience on the job 
  • The quality of the past completed projects
  • You can go the extra mile by visiting their current construction job site.


Building a three-story building requires proper planning. You must ensure every phase of the resident apartment is executed by top-notch professionals. Also, ensure you ascertain the land dimension to be sure of its suitability for the project. 

In addition, you need to ensure you get all the necessary approvals from relevant regulating government agencies to avoid delays during and after construction. If you are planning to construct a three-story apartment residence, then congratulations! This article is for you. We have discussed the top essential things you should know about the job to make it easier for you.