People who study art and work in an art-related field don’t get to say what is contemporary and what’s not. Yes, their opinions may matter, but they shouldn’t be the only one that does. These people only understand art as what they think it is because that’s what they know it to be. Sure, anyone can tell what an art is and what’s not, what’s original, and what a sight for sore eyes is. Right? Wrong.

Art Gallery Gold Coast – There are so many terms for different kinds of paintings in the art community that it can be challenging to keep up. More so, the term contemporary art seems like a group of people deliberating on a blank image to determine if it’s contemporary enough.

The truth is, the definition of art should be entirely subjective. You see, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, and anyone should define art as what it means to them without caring about the opinions of some art critic. Well, in this article, we will examine what art really means. We will also consider who can really define contemporary art and why.

What Does Art Mean?

Generally, art doesn’t have to be pretty to make sense. It doesn’t have to have a superficial meaning. If you can’t judge a book by its cover, why art? Art should not be reasonable. Good art portrays a myriad of emotions from the artist. It communicates to the audience what an artist can feel, see and hear. It essentially tells a story. If you can feel what the artist felt in that moment and see and define what it means to you, it’s good art.

Famous artists such as Thomas Hart Benton, Edward Munch, and Whistler have one thing in common. They used art to explain their daily lives and what life personally means to them. This unique style of painting makes them stand out as contemporary artists.

The famous Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa is one of the most famous paintings of all time, and it depicts and defines the time in which it was painted. One beautiful thing about art is that it’s ageless. It doesn’t get outdated and continues to wow and impress the audience. For much older paintings, it may feel like taking a ride back in time and experiencing what the artist is portraying in his paintings. This is not to say that the best paintings are past paintings. Even now, at this time and age, more amazing painters are springing up and thrilling the world with their paintings. Garry Duncan thought himself and explored the world of art on his own. Now, he creates pieces that describe life through his lenses.


In summary, art is what you make it to be and not what some groups of people who just walk through the Halls of galleries make it to be. Again, art is subjective, and they might not have a deeper understanding or see things the way you’d view them. Everybody should have a say and define art on their terms. So what’s the definition of contemporary art? Real contemporary art should tell a story written by the artist and understood in your art language.