There is a popular saying that if you can organize your kitchen, you can organize your life. Indeed, the kitchen can be said to be the heart of every home. This is because so many fond memories can be connected to the space, and yes, we can say the kitchen is the most critical place in an apartment! The space is where everything that has to do with our stomach is attended to. Oh yes, our food.

The kitchen shouldn’t be a boring place; it should be treated with utmost priority. Otherwise, it might become uninspiring. Your Gold Coast kitchens has to be restructured, rearranged, and upgraded from time to time for it to maintain its beauty and relevance. In this article, we’ve put together three current kitchen trends for you! Read on for more interesting information. 

The use of the color red to bring life to the kitchen

 While many may disagree with the use of Red in their kitchen due to its brightness and complexity, we still can’t dispute the fact that red is believed to stimulate the appetite and is one of the best colors for new kitchens.

It is essential to bring life into the kitchen with attractive colors like red to make that part of the kitchen stand out. However, the key to making red look nice in your kitchen is choosing the right shade of red to fit your kitchen design. This could be used either on a cabinet or the walls. To go with this trend of a splash of red in your kitchen, here are a few tips on how to use this bold color smoothly:

  • Limit the red to the kitchen island-  choosing red for the cabinet is a beautiful idea; you will get that intense hit of red without it being overwhelming!
  • Add red to the kitchen as an accent shade- if the imagination of red cabinetry is too bold for you, you could use red as an accent shade. With this, you can decide to change it up as you please.
  • Choosing to paint in red to create a contrast
  • Adding a note of red to a kitchen with seats- the same way a stand-alone cabinet painted in red can add a splash of bold color, so can red painted chairs or stool do too.

The hot water demand trend 

Another new kitchen trend you are not going to resist is the hot water on demand trend. This trend would save you from having to boil water every time you need to boil water. It would also save you from the several waits that slow down the pace of your cooking.

The trend can be achieved by connecting an under-sink water heater in your kitchen. An under-sink water heater is an electric unit that supplies hot water straight to the faucet. They are usually mounted on a sink. This is one kitchen trend you sure want to buy into!

Living Room Furniture 

The last kitchen trend we will consider is the living room furnishings. Yes, the living room furnishings! We are tired of the official kitchen settings giving a dull look in the space.

Do not be surprised to see living room furnishings feature more in kitchens this year. The kitchen will also serve as a place for relaxation, grabbing one or two snacks or that crunchy and tasty beef while you wait for the steaming stew or rice.


Most of the current kitchen trends are pretty easy to incorporate into your home. With a bit of tweak here and there, you can transform your kitchen into a trendy spot in your home.