Homeowners, today, have a better understanding of the need to make their homes as comfortable as they can be. This understanding has provided a high degree of intentionality, definition, and creative in-home designs because a sophisticated and enhanced aesthetic can be achieved using basic designs.

It has also made it easy for them to communicate their designs to home builders and for home builders to interpret and translate those designs into reality easily. This article will highlight some recent trends that influence home designs for 2022. These trends include:

  1. Using green and brown colors: The popularity of brown and green colors in home designs can be credited to many embracing their love for nature. Green and brown are the two most pronounced colors in nature used in home designs because of how well they improve a home’s aesthetics. We see different tones of these colors being used in home designs today.
  2. Natural elements: This trend has been in existence for a long time and does not look to be going out of favor. Natural elements like wood, stones, masonry carvings, and more add more depth to a space. Other natural elements include an animal or floral-inspired fabric prints to design the home.
  3. Dark toilets, bathrooms, and kitchens: This trend still shares mixed reactions amongst clients; some are fully accepted, and others are not. The idea behind this trend is to give these spaces a design that reflects the mood in these spaces at most times. The toilets and kitchen are one of the least lively spaces in the home; thus, why dark colors or themes are used in these spaces.
  4. Bold colors and patterns: The trend above shows how themes impact the mood in a room. Similar to how moody and dark themes and colors are used in less lively spaces, bold, pronounced, and bright colors are used in lively spaces. In contrast, this trend is accepted by every homeowner.
  5. Vintage and sustainable accents: This trend is inspired by the need to incorporate longevity, provide quality, and establish designs with which the homeowners share a connection. It involves using blends of vintage items to achieve unique traits in the home.
  6. Mixing patterns and textures: This involves the thoughtful and intentional layering of different patterns and textures in a space to see the depth in that space. Creativity is vital in implementing this trend as it can be used to reflect the homeowner’s attributes.
  7. Using curved furniture pieces: This trend complements all the abovementioned trends. It involves using sculpted pieces of art as furniture in your home. It presents a good kind of uniqueness to your home.
  8. Mindful spaces: These are spaces dedicated to mind-enriching activities like meditation, prayer, or more. This trend is receiving much attention as homeowners are beginning to understand the need for this kind of space in a home.


Most modern home design trends come from understanding what you want from specific spaces in your home and how well you want those spaces to reflect your attributes. Some of the best trends have been outlined in this article to aid you when choosing your custom home’s design. Beyond that, though, it is essential to employ the services of professionals and experts for the job.