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Also called the Munger Lake Trail, this 8.1-mile, 4.3- to five-hour loop from Timberline Lodge to the Engineer Basin, ending near Emerald Pool, was named for a trap and release moose-deer experiment that was tried in the 1880s at that location. It has views of Mount Hood.

An audio visual program, many of which are also web-based, is offered to the public. Some of the more recent ones include a 12A-Cap graduation ceremony and an annual ceremony honoring the female students of Davidson County High school. Guest speakers for the commencement include United States Senator, Mark Kirk, who is the current host of “Rush Limbaugh’s favorite podcast, talk radio show. R.

Some clubs are free to attend, such as the resident running club and the established hiking club. Some clubs, like the filming club and the club for women, cost money. However, these clubs are useful for people who want to learn more about a specific interest and learn how to do it.