If you ask drilling experts what they dread cutting the most, 9 out of 10 answers would be concrete. That is how difficult concrete cutting and breaking can be in the construction industry. It is not impossible to cut concrete, definitely not, but the process of cutting the different surfaces entails a great deal of effort and time. Imagine having other sites to work on, and the expert is still battling with cutting a large piece of concrete. The process of cutting concrete creates holes in concrete on surfaces like walls and ceilings; hence, it might be hard to get the job done without the right methods.

Thankfully, some tools have ratified the process of cutting and breaking concrete. Technology has blessed the construction industry with credible methods of making concrete cutting and breaking a lot easier for drilling experts. Typically, in the construction industry, there are two types of cutting concrete. It either experts break the concrete use the dry method or wet method. 

Dry Cutting

Passing by a construction project, most times, you will have to cover your eyes to prevent flying chips from hurting you. In dry cutting, the drilling experts use diamond blades for the cutting of concrete. This is mostly used for large construction sites and long-term projects. The dry cutting entails a lot of noise and dust but is also effective with the right methods in place. Dry cutting is perfect for professionals as their intense power is effective for major projects. However, it can be risky with the health hazards it can cause users. 

Wet Cutting

If you are looking for an eco-friendly alternative for cutting concrete, then the wet cutting method will be the best fit for you. This entails the use of water to make the tools break through the concrete easily without dust. It is also good as it protects the expert’s health from most health hazards they might experience using the dry-cutting technique. 



The dry and wet cutting techniques are some of the most widely used and accepted cutting techniques in construction. However, with the advent of technology and improved tools, other techniques have been added to construction companies’ arsenal in cutting concrete. 

Wall Sawing

This type of sawing of concrete is usually done when you want to create openings in walls. After getting the right measurement, the experts create an opening for doors for people looking to create a door. Wall sawing can also be used by people that attach TV and other materials to the walls in their homes and offices. 


Floor Sawing

This type of sawing is predominant when expressing deals with roads, pavements, decks, and areas where abnormal shapes and sizes need to be cut. 

Rings Sawing

This form of sawing technique is made for small projects like the chain swing. As the name implies, it is used to create holes in the defined shape of rings for small projects. 


Wire Sawing

Wire sawing is one of the most advanced forms of cutting that has broken barriers in the construction industry in recent times. The process entails a versatile form of cutting concrete regardless of the thickness and size. Industrial companies use wire sawing because of the magnitude of the project that they are taking in. It is a seamless, cost-effective, and noiseless form of cutting concrete. 



Understanding the type of construction project you want to venture into will help you make the right choice of concrete cutting technique.