If you’re reading this, chances are that you need to move to a new location as soon as possible. Sure, a truck can help you move, but do you need to rent one? How do you figure out the best way to move? This article contains all you need to know.

Moving trucks may seem like an obvious choice. I mean, you just need to move your things, and a truck can help you with that. It isn’t that simple. There are many other factors you need to consider.

Do you have a lot of stuff?

You need to ask yourself if you truly have a lot of possessions that are worth moving. This question is most often overlooked by people who end up regretting it. If you live in a small space with not so much stuff, you might not need a whole truck! Your friends and family can easily help you pack, and you can transport these using your car. If you have a lot of stuff and not so much money, you can pick a few important items. You don’t need a lot to survive. The less important, easily replaceable ones can be donated to people in need or even sold for some extra cash.

Can you move without renting a truck?

There are other factors you should consider when moving. 

  1. How much free labor you can get

How many hands can you get to come to help you? If the answer is a lot, that’s enviable. You can use that to your advantage to cut down on extra costs.

  1. How much time you have left

Is there a deadline for the move? Is that deadline near, or do you still have some time on your hands? The more time you have, and the earlier you start, the better for you. You can also cut costs by moving a couple of things at a time.

  1. Location of your new home

If it’s a faraway place, you may need to employ moving services. If not, you should be able to move everything on your own.

How much are you going to spend?

If you have a budget for the move or don’t have enough to pay for moving services for a particular company, you could look up other companies that don’t cost as much.

Are there any hidden costs you should know about?

There are a lot of hidden costs associated with Moving trucks. The quoted amount from the moving company may be significantly less than the actual amount you have to spend due to extra costs.

Some of these include:

  •  Cost of equipment

Yes, you might have to pay for this. Some companies include this in their total cost, but make sure to ask, or you might have to spend a little much more than you think.

  •  No insurance

Imagine if you hire a moving truck and, in the process of moving, some damage happens to your super expensive fridge. You think you’re good until you find out you’re on your own since the company doesn’t offer insurance. Don’t let this be you.

Others include

  • Cost of gas
  • Mileage fees


To avoid these additional expenses and damages to your property, you could try out full-service discount truck rentals. As the name implies, they offer full services, including insurance, technical know-how, and moving equipment.