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It is every child’s dream to mark their birthday in a unique style. Birthday celebration represents one of the critical days of any child’s life because they get to celebrate it once a year. Once it is a few days to marking of the event, you notice the expectation on their face. Some kids even go the extra mile of teasing their parents about how they will celebrate their upcoming birthday. They are interested in the planning process, and they also want to know if you will be throwing an outdoor event or parlor party. 

Apart from throwing them a big party or celebrating it with their friends in school, you can also add some spice to the event by making them a unicorn cupcake. 

Baking a unicorn cupcake is not complex as a lot of people think. In this piece, you will be getting all it entails in making a unicorns cupcake that will make your kid’s birthday celebration outstanding.

Process of baking unicorn cake

Before you embark on making a unicorns cupcake, the first thing to do is understand the preparation process. You need to know the number of people that will attend the party. Once this stage has been sorted out, the next thing to consider is to itemize the ingredients and buy them.

Ingredients for making unicorn cupcakes  


  • Cake flour: The ethereal nature of unicorn cakes makes it compulsory to add cake flour to the list. This flour helps in keeping it delicate and light.
  • Salt: You need salt to balance the scale. Baking unicorn cupcake without adding salt will make the sugar level to be on the high side. At the same time, you need to mindful of the level of salt. Because adding too much salt could ruin the whole process. Adding a pinch of salt is enough to give you a great taste.
  • Buttermilk: When it comes to the milk angle, it is advisable to go for buttermilk in baking your unicorn cupcake.
  • Unsalted butter: To get the best of your butter, ensure it is at room temperature of about 60 degrees.  


You will need other ingredients like superfine sugar, clear vanilla extract, sour cream, sprinkles, and eggs.

The second set of ingredients is for baking the white frosting. 

The list is as follows:

  • Butter: It represents the primary ingredient use in making buttercream frosting 
  • Cream chess: It gives the frosty a touch of tanginess. 
  • Corn syrup: It ensures the frosty extra remain soft.
  • Salt: The best way to maintain the sweetness is through the application of salt.
  • Lemon extract: Though not necessary, if you can grab one, it offers a surprise tang. 

Other ingredients you will need include powdered sugar, glucose, and shortening.

When it comes to mixing cupcakes, to get the perfect result, you must ensure they are over baked. The temperature level must be moderate to maintain a light color. 

To verify doneness, the best approach is to use the spring back method. The spring method helps you to ensure you don’t over-bake your cakes.

How to mix unicorn cupcakes easily?


  • Sieve, dry, and whisk ingredients together


Baking soda, flour, baking powder, cake flour, and salt are must be mixed, and the process of whisking ensures all the ingredients are combined while sifting lightens all dry ingredients.



  • Use stand mixer fitted couple with the paddle attachment 


Though a hand mixer can give your great results. To get excellent output to try out a stand mixer. Ensure you beat the butter at least medium speed till you begin to notice the face becomes creamy and smooth.

  • Add sugar

Once everything has been creamed together. Add sugar gradually to make it smooth and creamy.

  • Apply Vanilla
  • Add eggs one at a time

Ensure each of the eggs fully incorporate before you add another. 

  • Add and mix the sour cream

The mixing should be on a low medium until all streaks disappear.

  • Add 1/3 of dry ingredients with half of the buttermilk

Once this is done, repeat the first process over again. The next thing is mixing and alternates the available dry ingredients with buttermilk. But you must ensure the process end with dry ingredients.

  • Add the last batch of dry ingredients

Always avoid over-mixing. Scrape the downside and the paddle attachment when you start kick-start the process of adding the last recipe. Ensure the is no element of lumps and batter. If by chance, there is a lump, you can use your hands to wipe it out of the bowl.

  • Stir in the sprinkles
  • Pour the batter into liners
  • Spring back method

At times, the cupcakes could look deceptive when it gets to this stage. But with your spring back method, you can escape over baking your unicorn cupcake.

  • All the cupcake to cool down before frosting 
  • Leftover cupcakes can still be consumed within five days after baking.


Unicorn cupcakes will add some sparkle to the birthday event. You will realize you are not just celebrating your kid’s birthday. Instead, you are creating good memories they will never forget.