The medical emergency of any kind scares everyone, and today, we will discuss about one of the most painful emergencies, i.e. Dental emergency. We completely understand the pain our patients feel while having dental pains and therefore ensure our regular patients and the first-time visitors that our dental hospital will make special arrangements for taking the emergency cases. 

Though, we still insist everyone to get their dental check-up regularly. It will save any emergency in future.

There are a few indications in terms of symptoms of a dental emergency which we all should not overlook. Swollen gums, face or cheeks which keeps on spreading, continuous bleeding, knocked out or broken tooth which pain a lot, severe dental pain which leads to lack of sleep are some of the severe symptoms which indicate an upcoming medical emergency. In case anyone has any of these symptoms and is doubtful to go to the dentist, it is recommended to at least call the dentist as soon as possible to discuss the case. If the patient gets serious, i.e. loses consciousness, have rapid and severe bleeding or faces difficulty in breathing, then the patient’s loved ones are advised to take the patient directly to the dental emergency Clinic.

Upon reaching the hospital, the medical team will ask several questions to comprehend the patient’s immediate problem fully. The medical team will ask questions about the patient’s medical history and oral health. At this point, the doctors are most focussed on the patient’s concerns regarding the issue and ensure that the patient is given immediate treatment to relieve the pain and to avoid such problem in future.

Most of the hospitals offer initial consultations free of cost. But, there are some factors in the dental emergency which may result in additional charges. But fortunately, there are a number of payment options which most of the hospitals offer to the emergency patients. Many interest-free and flexible payment options are available for the emergency patient.

Weekly or fortnightly payments plans through MacCredit, GEM Visa, and HUMM. If the patient is a child and is aged between 2 to 17 years, then the child can get a Family Tax Benefits Part A or any relevant Australian Government payment. The child may also be eligible for a range of dental services up to a maximum of $1,000 over two years.  

At our hospital, caring for patients in emergency needs is of the utmost importance. We offer world-class medical facilities and care to the patients and walk them through all the costs and treatment involved so that they are confident before agreeing to proceed with the treatment.