Many people will agree that choosing an engagement ring can be a hassle because there are many things to consider. However, one constant factor is that your budget undoubtedly influences the engagement ring you buy. The difference in cost of acquiring an engagement ring depends on specific details, and this article will outline those details to guide you on the type of engagement ring to buy.

Things that Influence the Cost of Engagement Rings

The details that influence the cost of engagement rings include:

  1. The type of engagement ring
  2. The metal type of the engagement ring is made from
  3. The nature and size of the gem Stine are present in the ring.

The Type of Engagement Ring

The type of engagement ring focuses more on the style of the engagement ring. These are some styles of engagement rings to help you when you want to buy an engagement ring:

  • Luxury: This is above the other styles in price, gemstone, and metal used in the engagement rings. They offer a high level of perfection in the engagement rings but at a high price.
  • Split shank: These styles feature the appearance of multiple bands because of the presence of a split shank. The band can be plain with a central stone or have multiple diamonds or gemstones.
  • Antique rings: As the name implies, these rings are antiques and can be aged 100 years or more. They incorporate luxury or split band-style ring traits and can be acquired from antique jewelers.
  • Vintage rings: These styles are similar to antique rings, where they are styles that are aged 20 years or more. The beauty of this style is that they are unique designs where some rings can be antique and vintage, but not all vintage styles are antiques.
  • Inherited or estate styles: These are rings with styles that can be particular to a person or family. They are inherited but can sometimes be found at auctions.
  • Birthstone rings incorporate colors from your birthstone in your engagement rings. Since birthstones are cheaper than diamonds, you acquire an engagement ring with much meaning at a reduced cost.
  • Celebrity rings: As the name implies, they are styles modeled after a trend. The downside is that your likeness to the engagement ring may diminish once the trend fades.
  • Solitaire rings: These traditional styles feature a large gemstone that can be either diamond or your birthstone. The gemstone can be cut to have different shapes based on your preference.
  • 3-5 or 7 stones: These styles feature a large gemstone surrounded by multiple stones of smaller sizes. This style can incorporate features from other styles mentioned above.

The Metal Used in Making the Engagement Ring

Precious metals like platinum, yellow or white gold are the metals preferred for use in designing engagement rings. Yellow or white gold rings cost more than platinum rings.

The Nature of Gem Stone on the Engagement Ring

There are various options of gemstones to choose from. It is essential to go for the gemstone within your budget as you can always replace them later in the future.


If you are having doubts about the type of engagement ring to buy, this article exists to provide you achieve clarity with the details highlighted above.