Pregnancy portraits often differ from other photo types. This is why photographers must remember a few things before the shoot. You must take time to prepare because pregnancy is a huge part of motherhood and parenting, and capturing the moment should be done with extra care. 

As a family photographer, you must do all you can to put the family at ease because that’s only when you can take the best pictures. You want the family to love your services so much that they can even give you a referral. Here are some tips you could use to take excellent pregnancy pictures and make your clients happy: 

  1. Plan carefully

Before the day of the shoot, you must have carefully thought the whole process through. If the pictures are taken outdoors, the kind of poses, the blend with the background, the use of colors, and the weather conditions must be considered. You can present these ideas to the clients and ask for their opinions.

This planning will save you a lot of stress and prevent time wastage. Planning makes the process even more enjoyable and carried out with maximum efficiency.

  1. Take multiple photographs

Don’t be that photographer who takes just one picture for every location in the same pose and then regrets it when they don’t come out well. Regardless of how skilled you think you are, take more than one picture for every pose. Your client may blink or look elsewhere while clicking the shutter. The more pictures you have, the easier it is to choose a better option from the mix. 

  1. Make your clients laugh

A picture captures a moment in time, and if your client is uncomfortable, everyone will notice. It automatically becomes a bad picture. If you want to make her as comfortable as ever, say things to make her laugh. Be careful with this tip because if your jokes sound too scripted, it may only make your clients more anxious.

  1. Consider every person in the photo

Consider each person if you’re taking a photo of a group of people, such as an entire family. Nobody wants to see a picture with half their head cut out. Pay more attention to people at the end and move them to the front if necessary.

  1. Consider lighting and flashes carefully

If possible, opt for a location with bright natural lighting or take advantage of the iso setting on your camera. Also, beware of distracting backgrounds. If the background is too distracting, it may take attention away from the true focus, the family members. A pro tip is to take the picture farther away from the family so you can blur the background.

  1. Watch out for reflective surfaces

Ensure that there’s no shiny or reflective surface around the area of the portrait shoot, so it doesn’t interfere with the quality of the pictures taken.


When it comes to taking pregnancy and family photos in general, communication is vital. You may have a good idea for the shoot that your client might not want. Therefore, effective communication is key. Make sure to let your client know about your plans and the expected outcome before you shoot.  

Following all the tips in this article, your pregnancy photo sessions should be a fun and memorable experience.

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