There are some days that all you want to do is go right back to the garden or the patio, with great wine in one hand and music in the other. You sit by the cool of the night after a hard day’s job and enjoy the illumination and serenity coming from the fairy lights. A sight truly peaceful, you only need a great massage to complete the experience. Asides from being a great way to relax, fairy lights are suitable for parties, events, and other family gatherings. They have a way of lifting any mood in the whole house. However, you can add a little bit of spice to the mix. You know what they say: variety is the spice of life. 

Here are five fun styles to incorporate with your solar fairy lights to amplify your garden’s aesthetics. 

Star Shaped Fairy Lights

Star-shaped fairy lights are a great addition to your garden, here is why. Who does not want to walk onto a garden with a star-shaped fairy light in the background? These lights encase the LED bulb and are great for parties as they set the tone. They can also be used as a clip-on or as a ready-made set, depending on your preferences. They take on a beautiful form and give the ambiance an angelic feel that wants the whole area. 

Crystal Heart Fairy Lights

The second fun style you should try for your solar fairy light is crystal heart style. You could plan a whole engagement party under the vibrant theme of the crystal heart solar fairy style light. These lights do not consume so much power, and they have transparent beads that give a sparkling effect. If you are looking for the perfect light to fall in love with or make someone fall in love with, choose this. They are great for couples looking to turn the garden into their private getaway. Plus, you can add other accessories as you like to compliment the whole look. 

Solar Party Lanterns

Uplift your mood with these Chinese-inspired solar party lanterns. The title has given the main purpose of these lights away; however, if you are looking for an upbeat theme for a party, this is what you need. You can accessorize your gate or rails with these lights that come in different colors so people can feel the party’s mood right before entering the garden itself. That feeling that you already start dancing from the entrance. 

Underwater Solar Fairy Lights

The fourth style that you should consider is the underwater solar fairy lights in your ponds or fountains. Some people like them in their pool as well. Should we set the mood for you? Okay, we will. Imagine coming home after a stressful day and seeing your partner and the kids chilling in the pool with the cool vibe of the underwater lights. Nothing says come in much more than that. These lights are great for family, pool parties, and other social events. 

Snowflake Solar Fairy Lights

Finally, last but not least. The fifth solar light that will invigorate your garden should be snowflake-shaped solar fairy light. If you believe in magic, then you should love these lights. They have a seamless way of creating a magical and whimsical feel. These lights are more than appropriate during the festive season and great for children’s parties, Halloween, and other themed occasions. 


There is something peculiar about these five styles, and it is, you can add your style to it however you want. They can be complemented or used as a clip-on, depending on what you want to do. Ultimately, finding the style that resonates with you and gives life to your garden should be your priority. That is surely what these decorative led lights will give you.