Like every other thing, web design is also evolving. The days of designs looking formal or retro are more or less quickly being replaced by new trends. These trends tend to lean towards being more creative, exciting, and to an extent, fun. Designers use a variety of ways, including fonts, typography, lines, and grids, to make web designs more appealing and inviting these days, the sort of design that would pique your interest at first glance.

As a web owner, it would be best to get into the trend and incorporate modern designs for your website. Otherwise, you might be left behind. Luckily for you, this article will highlight some top web designs and UI trends to promote your website’s success in 2022. Read on to discover more exciting information.

Here are Five Design trends for 2022 you should try.

  • Concise but detailed design

This web design has found favor among several people. It is usually a one-page website containing all necessary information about the site.

People are more likely to consume this better as it is short and gives them the feeling of going through a flier instead of a long page that people might get tired of scrolling through.

  • Fonts do the talking

Many designers have taken the use of fonts a step further than usual. This is done in various ways, including large font sizes that attract attention to themselves; you can also use effects that have fonts to move or change from one font to another.

However, be sure that the style you use is not triggering for some people. They may find it distracting or disturbing while reading. Different font sizes can determine the mood or tone of the information on the site.

  • Dark Mode

There is almost no way you can go wrong with this design. Nearly every app or website is adopting this UI design trend now.

People often enjoy being on a site that lets them decide the background theme because it makes them feel more comfortable and gives the site a personalized relationship with the user.

  • Aurora themes and background

This trend got very popular last year, and it still hasn’t fallen in the ranks. This includes colorful splashes of mixed colors that look fun and inviting.

They can be used as entire backgrounds or emphasize specific items or headings on the site. Regardless of how you use them, Aurora designs are eye-catchy and exciting, so if you are looking to build a fun-based design or app, it’s a design that you should be looking at.

  • 3D/Animation

This design is definitely not going out of fashion anytime soon. Designers have included short clips of animation that serve as a break or pause in long texts, or instead of detailed words, and they just let the animation do the talking.

However, it is crucial that the animation style you decide to use resonates with the tone and the contents of the web page or design.


Other web designs are out there, and they are available for you to explore. These five, however, are at the top of a lot of trends and, more likely than not, to remain that way. So, investing in them might be your best decision yet this year.

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