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God Perumal Songs In Tamil

The film has received many good reviews in Tamil Nadu. New Indian Express said that the film present multiple layers and the views shared by the characters are relatable. IANS review added, “It is an honest depiction of a young couple’s love.” and has also won the Audience Choice Award in the 20th Chennai International Film Festival.[18][16][17]

S. Ramakrishnan of The News Minute, a film critic wrote, “The film is an honest treatment of those who proudly belong to an Evangelical Christian community, a community that is ever increasing in India. The story is a sharp commentary on modernism, but is not laced with politics. The film thinks and tells a heartfelt story. It’s really good that it is in Tamil. In the recent past, the dialogue-rich local language films were often done in the regional language when a big-budget trip-flick was in the pipeline. But the filmmakers sure know their audience and tell a well-crafted, typical, relatable, story that we all could relate to.”[18]

Gayathri Raghuraman of The Times of India, give a four-star rating to the film, stating “The film is an honest depiction of local humanism, where faith and love are inextricably linked. The filmmakers have crafted their characters with that in mind. The focus on the relationship and the conflicts surrounding it, the reality of the situation, are woven into the fabric of the film. It’s a relatable and simple story, but the team has given it a smart and a filmic treatment.”[18]