Having been born and bred on the Beaches, we have a slight bias. But we don’t think it is a stretch to say that Northern Beaches is the single greatest place on earth. And believe us, we have travelled pretty extensively. While holidays spent trekking through Iceland or surfing in Tahiti have been some of the best moments of our lives, there is always a sense of joy as you cross the spit bridge and come home. Other Sydney siders mock us for rarely leaving the Beaches; ‘did you take your passport when you crossed the harbour bridge’ ‘Oh you live on the insular peninsula?’ are pretty common comments. But in reality, why leave somewhere that is objectively better than anywhere else?


Firstly, our beaches. We’ve been to French Polynesia, the Adriatic, the Amalfi Coast, and often feel a little bit bemused by the fact that Avalon on its day is more beautiful. We challenge you to find somewhere more idyllic than Paradise Beach, or more lively than Manly. Our favourite projects as builders Northern Beaches are those that back onto the beach. A lunch time surf really puts a spring in your step.

Secondly, everything you need is right here. In our misspent youths, we would live for weeks at a time over the summer at various surf breaks up and down the coast. It was heaven. Right up until the point where you needed to visit the RTA, or buy something vaguely specific. Then you had to pack everything up and drive for an hour to the nearest regional hub. But on the Northern Beaches? It’s all here. As builders Northern Beaches, we can fit this in during our lunch break. 

Thirdly, the bush. This is an oft overlooked aspect of the Northern Beaches. You can find yourself in the middle of the bush with only birdsong for company, but still be an hour from the CBD. Whether you are tackling the trails of West Head, or down near Roseville Bridge, there is something for everyone. We love those projects where the house seems to blend into the bush around it. Even as just the builders Northern Beaches, we take a sense of that tranquillity home with us each day.


We could go on and on. But if you are thinking of building, renovating, or just some general repairs, give us a call. We love this place, and all who call it home.