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There is more to owning and establishing a website than its design. A quality website is established using analytic tools to improve your website’s marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Various website analytic tools are available today, but this article focuses on one of the most valuable and top-quality tools; Google Analytics. It will highlight what Google Analytics Is and some insights it provides to help improve your website’s marketing and SEO. Read on for more information.

What is Google Analytics?

As mentioned earlier, it is a website analytic tool that collects user data on a website and sorts the collected data into easy-to-read reports using a customizable dashboard. Google analytics metric is the measurable piece of data that is obtained from a website using Google analytics. It is the data that is collected and sorted into reports.

Top-notch Google Analytics Insights (Metrics) You Need to Know

These insights help you better understand how Google Analytics works and the kind of information it collects on a website. These insights or metrics include:

  1. Active Users on the website: This shows the total number of active users in real-time. This metric ala helps indicate if Google analytics for the website has been set up properly.
  2. Top active pages: This is used to track the level of activity on a page in real-time and the level of attention a page has received.
  3. Goal conversions: This metric requires you to define your goals when setting up Google Analytics for your website because it measures the number of conversions on the site during a 30minutes timeframe.
  4. Audience age: As the name implies, it helps track the age range of your website’s visitors; thus, you can use the data to fine-tune your content to satisfy your audience better.
  5. Audience gender: This metric provides more information about your audience’s demography to identify if your target audience is viewing the website effectively.
  6. Audience geographic location: It tracks the location of constant visitors to your site while identifying the language most used when visiting your site.
  7. New Vs. Returning visitors: It uses a chart to show the influx of new visitors and the number of returning visitors. It also indicates the level of success your marketing strategy has achieved.
  8. Desktop Vs. Mobile views: This metric shows the most dominant means visitors use in accessing your website by comparing the number of mobile visitors to desktop visitors via a chart.
  9. User flow: This metric highlights your visitor’s journey by revealing the sites they visited before and after visiting your website.
  10. Lifetime value of a user: This metric shows a user’s journey after the first 90 days of them visiting your site. It reveals how well the user has contributed to your website via conversions.
  11. Top acquisition channels: This is an essential metric as it shows the channels your user mostly uses to access your website.
  12. Sessions: This metric is measured in 30 minutes and tracks how long a visitor has spent on your website.


SEO Gold Coast – There are many more insights that Google Analytics provides about a website. Luckily, the ones highlighted in this article are some of the top-notch insights any website owner will need about their website’s performance.