At Article Beast, we have a strong focus on high quality content. It is our aim to allow writers the chance to publish well-written articles that our visitors will find useful and enjoyable to read. To give yourself the best chance of having your article published on Article Beast, please read our guidelines.

General Article Guidelines

  • All articles must be written in English Only
  • Articles must be your own work (all articles are checked by our staff for plagiarism)
  • We do not allow articles to be duplicated across multiple article sites (staff go through and check all article submissions on a monthly basis to ensure that this rule is upheld. If it is discovered that you have posted your article on another website, then your account will be banned)
  • Articles are not to contain anything that can be perceived as shameless self-promotion; “Company ABC is the best at such and such in city XYZ”
  • Articles must not be littered with spelling mistakes or bad grammar
  • We do not publish articles that contain profanity
  • Any articles of a pornographic nature will not be published (this includes articles advertising escort services)
  • Articles containing hate speech of any kind will not be published
  • Articles that seek to defame competitors or other businesses or entities will not be published
  • Any articles advertising the sale of contraband of any kind (illegal drugs, guns, ammo etc) will not be published
  • Articles advertising the sale of prescription drugs will not be published
  • Any article written for the express purpose of advertising wine, beer or other spirits will not be published. However, articles that instead seek to educate readers about the health impacts of alcohol consumption, will be considered
  • Any articles that contain links to websites that provide access to pirated content, will not be published
  • Articles that seek to teach users how to hack websites will not be published. However, articles that instead offer an opinion piece about the subject of hacking, will be considered
  • Users that attempt to have multiple copies of the same article published, will have their accounts banned
  • Any article that contains personal information about any entity, including their email address, home address, phone number and so on, will not be published

Article titles

Like the body text, the title of your article must also comply with certain rules for your article to be considered for publication.

  • Article titles must be capitalised; The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over the Lazy Dog
  • Any article title written all in CAPS will not be published
  • Article titles have a 100 character limit
  • Article titles must not end with a period (full stop)
  • Article titles must not contain HTML

Article Body Text

  • Articles must contain a minimum of 500 words
  • Any content that can be perceived as blatant advertising will not be published
  • All links within an article must be relevant to the article; any users that embed links to external content that is in violation of site rules, will not have their article published
  • Images or videos are not permitted to be embedded within the article
  • All links are tested by our staff before being published. Any links pointing to sites of dubious quality are not allowed
  • Linking to the same page multiple times throughout a single article is not permitted

Pen Names

  • Pen Names must be properly formatted, with a first and last name, not nicknames or stylised names; ArticleWriter1981
  • Pen Names must not be that of a famous person, brand, character etc.


  • All articles published on this website are for information purposes only and must not be construed as professional advice
  • Article Beast is not responsible or liable for any damage or harm that comes about through any advice disseminated from any author submitted article
  • All opinions expressed by the authors are their own and do not represent those of Article Beast
  • Article Beast reserves the right to publish or reject any article