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The outbreak of the coronavirus disease was quite sudden and brought a lot of complications with it. The disease was very deadly, and several fatalities were recorded. The survivors also get to face the effect, as the pandemic left a massive sore in our daily living. First, the lockdown that followed the outbreak as a means of control put every activity on hold, halting every progress and keeping everybody indoors. Every sector felt the effect because while many industries were forced to a complete shutdown, other facilities like hospitals and clinics had to work overtime.

Skin Clinic – The health sector was at the forefront of the fight against the spread of the dreaded virus, and all hands were on deck to see that they controlled the outbreak. However, the fact that every medical personnel and equipment were channeled to control the COVID-19 virus left only a little or no services for patients suffering from other known diseases, increasing the danger of those diseases. One such deadly disease that was left untended was cancer. This article will highlight how the COVID-19 pandemic made skin cancer much more dangerous than it is known to be. Read on to discover more information.

What is Skin Cancer?

Skin cancer is one of the deadliest and most common types of cancer, and it is very much the most easily contacted. Like other types of cancer, it involves the uncontrollable multiplication of abnormal cells in the body that destroy the body tissues. Skin cancer is mainly caused by excess exposure to direct sunlight. Here are other things you need to know about the cancer type.

Effect Of COVID-19 on Skin Cancer

Skin cancer was already a hazardous type of cancer before the coronavirus outbreak, and it has only become even more deadly as a result of the outbreak. Here, let us look at some factors that have made skin cancer more dangerous in the aftermath of the COVID-19 outbreak.

  1. Delayed Diagnosis: A delayed diagnosis is one of the most expected effects of the COVID-19 virus outbreak on medical services, and it occurs when a disease is not promptly identified. It is common knowledge that early diagnosis and treatment is the best way to tackle skin cancer, and a delayed diagnosis often puts the patient at risk of severe consequences. However, the coronavirus outbreak caused a shortage of expert medical practitioners, a significant cause of delayed diagnosis.
  2. Under-Attention: With the coronavirus disease in focus, many people fail to take note of the slight changes in their skin that may be a sign of melanoma. Also, the fact that melanoma can develop for years without any visible signs means that you will need to be extra attentive to notice any symptoms of skin cancer.
  3. Fear of Discrimination: Some people are lucky enough to notice skin cancer symptoms promptly. But while most people seek immediate treatment, others feel ashamed and do not seek medical attention for fear of discrimination, leading to a more severe outcome.

Bottom Line

There is no doubting the effect that the COVID-19 outbreak has left in different sectors of our world today, especially in the medical sector. It has undoubtedly limited the rate at which people visit their skin cancer doctor, making diseases like skin cancer and its likes more dangerous. This article has highlighted some effects of the pandemic on skin cancer and its treatment.

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