Having extra fat under your chin is not always a cool thing for most people. This is because the situation is often associated with several negativities, including health issues, fitness issues, and distorting a person’s facial appearance. This type of extra fat often makes it look like you are carrying an extra chin on your jaw, and the probability that you will not like this is very high. Moreover, the condition can also affect your confidence and make you feel embarrassed anytime you are around people. 

If you can relate to the scenario above because you have some fats that look like an extra chin under your jaw, the chances are that you have tried various treatments to make the excess fat go away to no avail. Fortunately for you, this article will teach you a tested and trusted that – double chin removal injection – that can finally help you eliminate that extra fat under your chin and give your neckline the perfect definition you have always wanted. Read on to find out all you need to know about this treatment. 

What Does Double Chin Injections Entail? 

Double chin injections entail one of the most effective clinically tried and proven treatment for removing extra fat or double chin from under a person’s jaw. It involves the injection of an Australian newly approved prescription-only medication to the patient’s jaw. This treatment has shown a wide success rate in the USA since the FDA approved it in April 2015. Its high success rate has also encouraged wide usage in the country, resulting in more positive testimonies. 

To get this treatment approved, its manufacturers have organized randomized phase 3 double-blind, multi-center, placebo-controlled clinical trials up to two times for the medication. In these trials, about 1022 patients diagnosed with moderate to severe extra chin fat got up to 6 treatment shots with this medication with one-month intervals. Long-term follow-up from these trials proved that the results could last up to four years or more. 

How Does this Fat Dissolving Treatment Work? 

The fat dissolving medication used for this treatment is prescription-only in nature. It is based on molecules that occur naturally, like the bile molecules which the body uses to break down and absorb dietary fat. 

When this injection is cautiously injected in the right dosage to the adequate place under a person’s chin, it works to dissolve fat cells there and cause them not to grow back. For effectiveness,  at least two different treatments are required. The treatments should have an approximation of 6 weeks intervals between themselves. When correctly done, you can notice visible results after two or four treatments. The maximum number of remedies allowed is six. 

This treatment is usually office-based and will involve several double chin injections that will only take a few minutes to be completed. 


Extra fat under a person’s chin (otherwise known as double chin) can be quite frustrating. This is because of the much negativity that is attached to it. The condition can make someone appear older, unhealthier, or heavier than they truly are. This is why you should seek adequate treatment for the situation. The tips discussed here will offer you great value.


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