The outdoor section of a house refers to the part outside the house, and it is of equal importance as the other parts of the house. This part of the house can be decorated to give the house more beauty and value. Various features can be used to beautify the outdoor appearance, one of which is the Merbau Decking.

What is Merbau Decking

Merbau Decking is a form of decking where Merbau wood is used. Merbau Wood, or Kwila, or Pacific Kwila, is a tropical, beautiful, warm, reddish-brown, and gorgeous, natural color variation timber that originated from South-East Asia. It grows to 40 meters and has a trunk diameter of 0.6meters, and is characterized by a bushy appearance. The Merbau Wood takes about 75-80 years to reach maturity.

Properties Of Merbau Wood.

Here are highlights of the outstanding properties of Merbau Wood. 

  1. Sustainability: One main factor that has caused Merbau Wood’s use to grow is its sustainability. Processed Merbau Wood is known to have a life span of 35 to 40 years. 
  2. It is Sturdy: Merbau woods are very firm and strong, giving them high strength and resistance.
  3. Oily Feature: The oily feature gives the wood a glossy, shining, and beautiful look.
  4. Weather Resistant: The oily Feature of Merbau Wood aids in giving the wood a high resistance, which makes them perfect for harsh weather conditions.
  5. Fire-resistant: Merbau woods are also highly resistant to fire, which gives them a very durable quality.
  6. Termite resistant: Asides from the other durable features mentioned above, Merbau Wood is also termite resistant. This feature makes it stand out from other woods. 
  7. Flexibility: The blend of firm and oily Features makes the Merbau Wood very flexible.
  8. Workability: Merbau wood has a good holding ability. This means that it can withstand heavy hammering without breaking. 

How The Use Of Merbau Decking Brings Natural Beauty To The Outdoor Part Of The House.

For better understanding, we highlight the benefits of installing/owning an outdoor Merbau Decking system. They are:


  • Charming: Merbau decking is known to have a very charming, aesthetic look. This is a result of the oily, shining, and colorful appearance of Merbau Wood.
  • Durability: Merbau decking is an ideal fit for outdoor decking systems because of the durability factor of Merbau woods. These woods can withstand high and rough temperatures, harsh weather, and termites.
  • Workability: The durability properties of Merbau Wood give the Merbau decking high workability. It is a good fit for a deck because its sturdy nature makes it a good load bearer. And this is because outdoor regions like stairs and Porsches are meant to accommodate high loads. 
  • Low Maintenance costs: This benefit is of high importance. As explained earlier, Merbau Wood has long lifespans compared to other wood, and their very durable nature means there is only a little or no need for maintenance.



Everyone wants an attractive home, and most people can do whatever it takes to achieve this. One way of ensuring that your home stays good-looking is by improving your outdoor appearance, and Merbau decking helps achieve this aim while further adding longevity and class to your home.