Agents in the real estate industry often have to watch their business book dwindle every time winter approaches. This is because a majority of homeowners like to wait for the spring season for property-related businesses. However, the good news is that real estate agents and brokers who have learned how to work with home builders do not have to watch their business dwindle any longer as the fourth quarter of the year can still turn out to be an excellent time for their business to flourish. 

Perhaps you are already wondering how this is even possible. But you do not have to worry; this article will explain exciting details about how home builders and real estate agents can work together for the continuous success of their business this season. 

The Growth of New Homes 

Construction of new homes has been noticed go at its peak capacity this period. New home sales have also been among the hottest categories in the residential real estate industry today. According to Fannie Mae’s prediction, new home sales already existing at a 3.4 percent rate are set to soar to about 12 percent this year. 

It is also vital to note that most builders employ various sales channels to move their homes. About 87% of home buyers are currently opting to use a real estate broker or agent for their property transactions. This share has been on a steady increase since 2001. Indeed, it has contributed significantly to builder-broker relationship development. Today, more home builders invest in building cordial working relationships with agents, much than ever before. 

What will this Partnership Mean for Agents 

Working on new constructions with home builders offers a new type of useful experience to real estate agents than what they get from selling pre-existing homes. However, when both parties understand the differences in their various fields, they tend to tackle the differences more constructively. 

Top Benefits of the Builder-Broker Partnership 

Builder-agent relationships are often structured in a two-way street manner. This means that both the builder and broker are set to gain some benefits from it. Builders usually prefer presales to building inventory homes based on speculations. However, brokers and agents are more accustomed to selling completed homes than selling presales. This is because they can easily list these properties on their sites and show them to interested buyers. 

In time past, the differences in work ethics and practice between brokers and builders have prevented them from working together and taking advantage of what they can offer to each other. Luckily, though, they learn to work around their differences and find common ground for a mutually beneficial partnership. 

It is worthy to note that this Partnership’s primary objective is to help families find and buy the best homes. Considering the rising demand for new homes by buyers, Participants can harvest multiple business opportunities from this Partnership. Indeed, builders and agents who are always on the lookout for more businesses will find opportunities when they work together. 


The real estate industry offers many great opportunities for agents, builders, brokers, and other stakeholders. These opportunities are bound to increase if they work together. We have discussed some crucial facts you should know about home builders and agents Partnership in this article.