1) It enhances the quality of communication within your workplace

Sophisticated software ensures that you are able to liaise with your cleaning personnel and other staff members at any location and any time.

2) Strengthens communication between you and your customers

Software doesn’t just ensure a great quality of communication between you and your fellow personnel, it also ensures a higher quality of communication between you and your most valuable assets; your customers. Specialist cleaning software enables customers to quickly get in touch with you and alert your cleaning staff about any additional items of interest prior to everyone arriving at the client’s facility. This ultimately results in a more efficient and successful commercial cleaning business.

3) Geo-specific message functionality

Often times, staff may find that they have to contact each other much more at particular premises than they do at others. Jotting down all necessary information within a notebook or typing it up on a laptop or tablet is far too slow and cumbersome. With cleaning software, all messages are able to be stored and retrieved at will, on a location by location basis.

4) Effortlessly allow staff to record work time sheets

With software, staff are able to quickly and easily upload their time sheets or specify the start and finish of their work hours for a given day.

5) Enhances quality assurance measures

Specialist cleaning software allows employees to quickly record and upload images of their completed job tasks, allowing supervisors to inspect the quality of the cleaning work that has been done, without having to be on the premises.

6) Keeps track of machinery servicing schedules

Commercial cleaning companies depend on their equipment to provide first class cleaning services. When critical equipment or machinery fails without warning while cleaning is being conducted, it results in longer cleaning times for the current task, while potentially causing all sorts of problems for the cleaning jobs that are required to be completed that day.

Depending on the nature of the equipment failure and how easily it is to be repaired or replaced, the consequences can be quite severe. With cleaning software, each member of your cleaning staff is able to keep track of when their equipment is required to be serviced or replaced to help guarantee maximum levels of operability at all times and avoid or reduce the risks of equipment failure.

7) Detailed inventory monitoring

It’s essential that you’re able to know precisely how many supplies you have, to ensure that you’re able to always order more in, to prevent your personnel from ever running out.

8) Precise guidelines

When it comes to commercial cleaning, it’s never a case of telling your cleaners to arrive at location ‘X’ and simply ‘clean the facility’. Each facility has a specific list of cleaning tasks that must be completed, before the job can be considered finished. With cleaning software, all personnel are able to quickly keep track of every task that they’re required to complete. This way, there will never be a situation where you receive the dreaded call from a client asking why this or that hasn’t be properly cleaned.

Sophisticated cleaning software is able to provide you with far greater control over your day to day business operations, resulting in a more effective, productive and profitable commercial cleaning operation.